Daily Prompt : Red Pill Blue Pill

Daily prompts suggested ” If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it? ” 

I honestly cannot think of it. If i had use a pill for all the nutritions i need, I wouldn’t know if my throat will ever accept that there isn’t a taste left.

I wouldn’t really worry about what i eat, because I okay with eating almost anything that comes to mind, most of the time, not because of the nutrition( though it sure is important) but because its nice.

The taste of food, the sense of knowing what is sweet, spicy, sour, and other deliciously describing food makes what food so good.

Unless if I’m going for war, where nutrition is important to the extend where its critical or to stay alive, then I’m opting out of the pill scheme. I still love to enjoy the sight and smell of food, taking time to indulge and savour meals, even if it takes more time.

I could use a pill which would help me so that i don’t have to worry about falling sick forever now that would be awesome.


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Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Today, the daily prompt asks, to tell and talk about an unconventional love in my life, I find that a little hard to extract at first, especially after I had just explained the recent topic about Love, and how I expressed my LOVE with Mum, on Mother’s day, so daily prompt now asks for another love question,

Wow. Okay. 🙂

It took me sometime to think through this, and i had to scroll through other daily prompt bloggers to get the understanding of what this post was actually about

To my understanding, i guess unconventional love would be something that’s loving something out of the norm, at least that’s what i got from googling unconventional love stories.

I love the moon. Really. I once had the feeling that the moon was really alive like a princess stuck in a far away distance , and every time when I’m sad, she would be there to smile for me. If i had did something wrong, she would have looked away, or whenever I forget to talk to her, and say hi, she would have a frown on her face. I also felt that she was the one who understood how i felt, so living at the era, at that point of time, really made me love the moon so much. She would have said goodbye every time i go to sleep, and I would have to wait for her to come and see me at night. Only at some point of time, I wouldn’t be able to see her completely, but when she’s full, she’s giving all her attention.

Though now she might have a deeper connection with astronauts.

I also think i have an unconventional love for other things like the flowers growing among the trees, because they bring vibrancy, and make me feel more bright and not so dull all the time. I also love the lights that light up the lonely streets at night because I’m quite afraid of all the blind darkness. I love my laptop so much, and i have to talk to her a lot of else she would hang in the middle of my project. 🙂

Tech-wise, I love the technology. I love the mindset, of having robots, and even cooler technology, like drones and touchable screens, (just think of Ironman 3 if you’re not sure what I’m talking about ) though i don’t expect them to turn to a version of Terminator or similar to it (hopefully not), but i really like the fact that they’re thinking about it. Just recently, they used to have this idea of having huge receivers that they are able to communicate with another person, now they call in mobile phones.

With dreams like this, i think people would really want to go and try ways of achieving the impossible making it possible.

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