Can’t stop, on my elevator.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been seeing a lot of elevator videos recently. Its like the world around me has gone into a fiesta of elevators or something, either that or there’s like a fetish for elevators. Ā Elevators pranks especially.

That reminds me of that 50 shades of Grey book I;m still reading halfway, where ‘Grey’ muttered, “What is it about elavators”, . Well Grey despite the fact that you’ve just used it to your advantage and smooch your way through.

The first video i saw was this.

I totally would freak out if this were to happen to me. I laughed at the point of it their reactions, but I’m myself such a scaredly NORMALLY fine ‘cat’ (meowwwwww….) , but I came home just now in the lift recalling that moment, definitely not a good thing if that really happen.

But this, this is really cool.

The things that people do, yes with elevators. I wonder what else they do with elevators. I wish they had a elevator that gives free coke whenever I’m taking the lift heading to my classroom floor. šŸ˜€