Be Guilt Free.

I still feel like I don’t understand the people in this world half of the time. There’s a really big difference between telling the truth, being honest and sometimes just lying and being crappy at something.

Some people who succeeds meant what they say, they work hard for their job, they pay attention to details, and yet I see some people who still  slack off and demand better. Some would do a a lot of talking in front of bosses, but in the back of end, do the most crappiest job ever and smoke their way through.

The realism is that, no matter what ways someone decides to hide something, sooner or later, someone will realize, eventually. It doesn’t have to be someone else who find outs,It can be very damaging to the person itself only realizing that later.

If i were to hide and lie about something in front of my boss about what I’m supposed to hand in and provide, there’s this guilt I will always carry, even after I’ve moved on for 20 years later. This image i have made of myself will change the way I view things, and when I think it’s okay to do such things, i will tend to make more of these same lies in the future. Consciously, i might still be able to change, but unconsciously, I might not be able to tell.

If there was a contractor, who decided to skip inspection checks on the safety requirements of a construction on site, just because there was a deadline given by some high authorization government perhaps, what will happen if one day, the building didn’t manage to hold in, what if there was a loophole in between, and workers die. How is the contractor going to live with that guilt that adds on to the guilt he already made before hand.

I just want to share with the world, that even though we’re late for submission, or do not complete the work on time, it doesn’t mean we should do a crappy job and just hand it in so that it’ll be considered as complete. To be responsible to one’s self is as important as being responsible to what is given. Surely meeting the target is an objective and if time is of the constraint, but it could be very damaging for the future as well.

Empty Thoughts, Why are you all around me?

A sleep deprivation, Nothing that’s not easily understood when an empty thought comes to mind. You might say “Hush, don’t think too much and go to sleep”, but what if the thoughts that conquers your mind wakes you up from sleep.

Every single time I try to close my eyes to sleep. My brain will start to function and blurt out foreign materials.  My mind makes my heart not at ease. My whole body, it feels empty, clueless, dull. . If I could make paint turn my dull mind automatically, i’d gulp down a rainbow of colors.

Something is not at ease. Something doesn’t feel right

Freeze the thoughts that comes to mind and i wish i could print it up into a piece of paper so I can understand what’s going on. Freeze the feelings incorporated and write it down on a notebook so I can understand why am I feeling this way.

The way I think now is simply because maybe it isn’t my day, maybe it’s because I’m currently not in balance. I can bring myself to understand that in life there is up’s and down’s. I do hope that this thing gets done with, because its affecting a part of me that I knew not long ago.

The cheerful and fulfilled me.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Unhappy Ways

Now this is a question with a thought in mind that we should understand and reflect on. Let’s look at it in this way. Anything that allows you to change your mood from happy to sad such as ,

  1. thinking negatively
    Whatever you do, if you keep on telling yourself that you can’t make it, and you don’t even want to try to do something when you’re sad, that will make you really unhappy.
  2. listening to sad songs and sad documentaries/movies
    Songs are known to also bring out the emotions in one’s self. Songs relating to heartbroken, death or whatsoever unless its a cheer up song won’t really have an effect of making you feel happy, instead make you stay unhappy.
  3. Purposely hurting yourself on purpose
    although it may seem like a good idea when you cut, or slap yourself in the face , it will still not help with the purpose of getting better, because in the end you will still feel pain. You’re unhappy about things, so you have to counter it and not feel helpless about it. Instead of feeling happy, what you feel is emptiness.
  4. Not doing something you love or enjoy 
    Of  course, when you’re working for someone who you don’t like, when someone pisses you off, when you get into the zone, and end up fighting, not able to pay the bills, you got a ticket for drunk driving.  It may not look like a big deal, but combine all of them together, stack them up problem after another and you’ll find yourself in a never ending trap of unhappy scenes and that can can be proven danger in the long run.
How about you? What are your thoughts on this? 

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