Daily Prompt: The Zone

Tell us about your favorite way to get lost in a simple activity — running, chopping vegetables, folding laundry, whatever. What’s it like when you’re in “the zone”?

The prompt, seems like its almost like a bonus question. and I’m here to share with you that I’m always most of the time in my zone when I’m not doing anything that requires a lot of concentration. I don’t know how to say this, but you can call me the prince of ‘zoning’, but stoning, or daydreaming might sounds a more appropriate.

Welcome to my zone. If you’ve ever experienced or want to experience how I zone in and out here’s some things I can share, and at any moment, if you’re lost, unsure or feel unease, or feel ‘blarghhhh’  you make choose to skip some parts.

~Thinking is not (Zoning) and is not Dreaming~

A casual, typical day of Stoner.

1. Pre-activity zoning.
The time it takes for someone to zone in and out, and the amount of time that one feels in a zone, is lesser. Have you seen Inception? :O I’ve experience a typical zoning, every time I’ve wanted to prepare for things. Having a run? Well, I shall just zone in, while walking to my starting normal route, and once I’m done, i realised that I’m already at the start line.

2. Zoning Awaiting.
Most likely, this happens, while I’m awaiting for something to happen, or reaching somewhere. At this time of inactivity, my brain goes into another screen to actually make me stare into space. This might be a natural for someone, because when you’re not in activity, you will find something to do, maybe listen to music, or using your phone, but some others choose to zone out, and day dream, without the most conscious thoughts of planning for future , e.g shopping list, what to do getting back home, but just pure day dreaming, and making things up in the mind. Relax your mind, clear things out, try not to even see things in front of you, and just feel it.

3. Thinking of Zoning
This might not be natural to you, but while some daydream not entirely in purpose, I choose to zone in because I find it interesting and allows me to find out the possibilites of another path. It has become almost a natural thing for me, that i look like I’m daydreaming even when I’m not, which isn’t always the best option, and I’ve improved myself, to not look like that when I’m supposed to be my best self, but in normal days, I’m just me. Can you imagine now how hard it is for me not to look the way i should look naturally?  🙂 Mum likes to push me every time I’m in my own world, to not look so ——–‘ in my own world’ .
Now I can on and off my zone time, when i need to , like a switch, which is very hard to master.

4. Creative Zoning
The best part to access this zoning part of you, is the creative side of the brain, it makes up of all the illogical and nonsensical part of you, that sometimes makes no sense, but it also access the wonderful imagination that you possess,which makes it interesting, and makes it even harder to resist, which makes it even harder to zone out of.

5. Zoning while trying to sleep.
Zoning while you’re sleeping is not good if you’re tired because zoning requires a conscious thought, that’s similar to daydreaming but not to the normal dream.
At times, I can’t put myself to sleep due to zoning. It keeps me awake and aware of so many things that I’m zoning about, yet at the same time it’s not really an unconscious dream, that allows you to sleep peacefully. Hardly at times, does the story of me zoning in, have any similar thoughts to a dream, you can easily identify this, if you’re feeling a pressure ride at the sides of your center foreheads, as if someone is pressing their thumbs against it, or like as if something is coming at you exactly at your forehead, and that’s when you know you’re not dreaming, but actually zoning in, thinking most likely after that.


What do i zone about?

Mostly about how things could be if I’d put my words a different way, how certain events would unravel itself, how the day would be if I acted differently, a possible thought that allows me to keep me going, is positive outcome, that i repeat and improve over time.

  • What would it be like, if i constantly look at the person sitting right in front to me, in my thoughts,(not in real), or
  • what lifestyle did the guy in the Mercedez Benz, have (upon seeing the car while crossing the road),
  • when searching for advice going through an experience i had, or someone’s advice
  • imagining how one would feel, and going through his/her shoes.

Now that I’ve put you through a constant thought of what it’s like when I’m in the zone, what puts me in the zone?

Whatever it is that i want myself to be in the zone.
Call me a dreamer, yes, even while writing this post, i was zoning in to my thoughts, – oh and i just written this for close to an hour, and i didn’t know that either. 

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A new experience ; Movie Meetup ‘Premium Rush’

A step into a different kind of journey. Learning through experience, allowing and accepting that in this world, we shouldn’t refrain ourselves from not going out, catch a movie, play badminton when we are not with our usual bunch of friends and in this aspect, i feel that I’ve allow myself to meet up with people of different ages.

Recently, I’ve went on a really ‘out of my usual routine’ movie meetup. I knew roughly what I’m about to face, randomly meeting up strangers for the first time, not knowing each other.

An organizer named Owen, had a movie gathering over at Meetup.com and was organizing the show ‘Premium Rush’ over at Cinileisure

Premium Rush is quite an interesting show I must say.  I’ve heard friends talking about the ‘fixie bikes’ which is going so quite popular these days, and I wasn’t too sure about whether this show has got to do with the that kind of bikes, but it sure do  talk about the exhilarating and thrilling bike messengers who loves speeding on their bikes. If you like bikes with no brake and a sweaty’ pumping action/romance , then you would like the movie. Check out the IMDB review here.

Enough of that, lets go back to the story, and so there i was, outside of Cinileisure, thinking  faster than the speed of light, whether what i did was really what I wanted to do and after a final thought, yes I’m going for it.

Called up Owen, and met up with a few people in the group for the first time in my whole life, and turns out! , it was actually the first meetup session for the group. That made me felt a little relieved since everyone was also meeting up for the first time. In my mind, i would have positioned myself to be somewhere at the back of the group, not knowing anyone, cause everyone else has already knew each other.

I was surrounded with a bunch of really lovely people from different backgrounds and occupations, most of them being adults and already working, I was however the only one still studying but yet still it didn’t make me feel left out. Upon dinner, we went for Coffee Club to sit and chill.

Being surrounded with a group of adults, allows me to understand that in the working environment, there are people who have such short times of breaks, and in times like this, we are not always with our old friends, everyone is busy with something. Learning to join social meetup groups like this allows us to make time for after work activities and knowing people with the same interest.Learning to socialize with new people is also a good form of communication. Having someone to join with me and the group for dinner after the movie, i guess we all have something to talk about and so engrossed in knowing more about each other. I’ve also received advice from the lovely group who have more experience than I do, and to indulge myself into these areas allows me to understand new things in life.

If there was something i learned about the meetup, was not to limit oneself. Not to limit myself to the same people I always hang out with, school mates. I’ve learn to understand how to make new friends and also not give myself an excuse for missing a show or a Saturday off. I have to do something about it, and allow myself to make new friends.

🙂 To more meetups.

A Trip to JB.

The trip that lasted a day, though it was short was very pleasing indeed. It feels good to step out from the usual days and take a trip across the border. Planned by my relatives, we were staying at Puteri Pacific Hotel. Added in, it was a trip that which was sponsored by my aunt so it worth the stay.

Rooms was nice though, comfy beds definitely. Even if they had some upgrading works at the time being so no swimming pool, the gathering in rooms, the spirit of enjoying each other’s company in the rooms, watching TV, eating on the floor, diving towards the bed upon opening to room door for the first time. It felt like it triggered a memory of the past, when we were all still very young, my cousins and I.

Walked in City Square Shopping Mall for what felt like the hundredth time, because we practically go there before going to the hotel, after going to the hotel, the next day after we slept, and even after we’re about to go home.

Before heading home, we checked out, and went for karaoke session, and WOW. It’s definitely something I’ve never expected before.

It feels like a meeting room, like a room meant for i don’t know, you know those old films where they have like a (gangster*) clan, and where the bosses will sit in the middle and like there’ll be 4 girls on their sides, and the clan leaders will be feeling like a boss?!* and saying ‘ yeah drinks on me.

This room can actually i guess fit like more than 20 people, 2 TV’s, can’t see the other side, and the food is good too . 🙂 Oh wait, there’s your own personal toilet in the room. 😀

So here’s just in case you feel like wanting to experience something similar, or if you happen to have a hardcore dying clan of karaoke cliques waiting to battle it out, here’s the link to the page for this place.
Neway’s KB

After hours of plenty good fun, it was great to be with my relatives, grandma, cousins, and family. Wish there was more of of these types of gatherings. Overall, I had a really good time, right before starting school 🙂


Daily Question By Thought Questions : As Old as It Gets.

The older I get, the more i think about life and how I do things. Everyday, a life experience. Beautiful how the mind works, i see life as learning in a lifelong journey to greater heights.  Just given to me and the more I’m able to allow myself to think about it even further.