Why My Grandma Is A Superhero

Kick ass and hit girl

Kick Ass and Hit girl from the movie Kick Ass 2

Superheroes. Do they really exist in this world? Yes They do.

My grandma is a superhero. She has no laser eye beam like Cyclops. She doesn’t  wear a tight suit with weapons walking around the city like Kick Ass back in the days, but she does have a power that comes from strong mental and inner strength.


Her strong will nature to persevere, is beyond extraordinary.

It was a good day for a picnic down by East Coast Park. My dad had brought down his company’s bus to use for the weekend and so we could use more extra baggage to cook more food and bring more stuff.

I remembered struggling to carry a huge ass size container filled with utensils, and there she was beside me sweeping off the container #likeaboss and carried it with no sweat. As much as I tried asking her to let me do it, she did it anyway. I know you would if it was your grandma too.

She had this energy that keeps her going. I don’t know if she realises the consequences of her carry heavy things, and working too hard especially when she’s in her 60’s , but after a while, I realised she isn’t just any ordinary grandma.

She climbed and tracked the hills back in those days to take care of plantations, she worked at long hours, washed other worker’s clothes after her usual factory job to feed the family because we were so poor.

She had gone through taking care of my late grandfather who had diabetes and legs cut off and carried him in her shoulders to let him enjoy a good fresh air outside of home. Grandfather was also strong-willed who tried his best to not let her overwork.

Grandma and Me

Grandma and Me

She’s not just hardworking but intelligent. Making a platform with wheels from scratch for my grandfather to move around, changing the layout of the home to ensure that he can move around his daily life without help.

If there’s something that you say you can’t, she’ll figure out a way on how to do it, somehow one way or another.

The skill of survival. 

Gone through the pain along with the rain of sweat that comes from tireless devotions to make a change.

I believe that when you are strong-willed, you will do great things. You will receive great things in return. You allow the positive aura inside of you to attract the opportunities the world has to offer

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

You can create changes in people lives, like how my grandma did and that’s what makes each of us a superhero.

Now for some good fun to end this post with.

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Daily Prompt: Morality Play

Daily Prompt Morality Play

Where do your morals come from — your family? Your faith? Your philosophical worldview? How do you deal with those who don’t share them, or derive them from a different source?

Morals have been taught through my generation of family ever since i was young. Back then, grandma with her own methods, choose to teach me through different warnings. Being in the Singaporean or so-called ‘Asian’ background, if you’ve not known, has one of the most strictest parents, brought it a very conservative nature.

“No staring”, ” “Don’t say pig”, No this and that and what nonsense. “No climbing the walls”, I guess I never would understand why I cant, and if I were to say it or do it, I’ll most likely see the cane gripped into the palm of their hands. That’s when I know ‘okay this is wrong’

Morals was built upon lessons and lessons of trials as a kid. I’ve sooner or later learnt that the more good things I do, the more rewards I’ve managed to get in return. I was annoying and irritating as a kid trying to persuade others into getting what i want, but I’ve learnt that winning the hearts of my parents by being ‘good’ was more effective than trying to whine and get what I want later in life, so that tackled the source of the problem, my morality.

Other than that, morals just came in through reading of books that helps to understand the difference of right and wrong, though sometimes i still do believe that there’s no right or wrong answers, just good and bad choices. Then again, sometimes i believe that there isn’t good and bad choices, so just follow what’s feel’s like its right at that very moment. So now i kind think it’s best to follow what works effective.

I’ve also got to admit, at first it was hard to deal with those who has a different approach to the morality that I have, but I’ve learnt, that not everyone was born in the same way or condition as I was, so their views might be totally different, and i respect that its their morals they choose to live with.

At certain times, I’ll try to give my two cents worth to see if they’re willing to improve or accept a new moral to benefit their life  but not to force them to change, so that it really benefits me.

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Daily Prompt: Hi, Mom!

Daily Prompt and Journal.

Hi Mom!

Mother’s day was awesome. The times we spent together. I could have remembered all the rest of celebrating Mothers Day, but this year was special because we had quite a deep talk with each other. We had a talk about what was the thing you feel you had changed from last time until now, and though it was a little awkward at first(because honestly we’ve never really shared and talk about this kind of thing), it felt good at the end.

I remembered how I told you, that you had sacrifice a lot of yourself for me throughout this years.

Mum, I remember when you always told me that the doc’ said I was to be sent to special school because I had some problem, but you refused to give up and send me there. Instead you showered me with your undivided attention, and younger sis had to also learn to give in to me and learn to be more independent. You self-taught me, to pick up and learn things, and I don’t know how you have managed to do that.

I remember the mistakes and scoldings, but you know when to grab me and catch me back into your arms when i needed comfort and forgiveness. (Yes, i still somehow do need that)

I remember when we came back from Australia after a problem, and as much as you were trying to struggle to keep the family going, and trying to find a job, you didn’t give up on my education. You took my hand and we walked down each and every school that rejected my entry, and never quit until you managed to find me a school. You went all the way to the Ministry to get me studying back again.

You understood my teen years growing up, you gave and take, all those wild years i had before me. You took note of me smoking, having peircings, drinking, but you always advice me whenever you can.  I was drunk once, and you carried me from the neighbourhood, all the way to my bed.

I understand it wasn’t in your nature, from a strict parent, to change to a parent that is more understanding, but you did it anyway. Your sacrifice is way beyond, and that’s the strength I hope to have as well when i grow up. I’d never had to lie to you no matter how bad it is, and that was also because you taught me really well. You taught me how to handle things, at the same time, you allowed me to discover my own mistakes. You showed the right and wrong, at the same time, you allowed me to choose my path in life.

Thank you Mum.

This year, my sis and I had planned up a surprise for Mum, it was something that she had always wanted. We went out to celebrate with Sis and Grandma,

Mum loved Korean shows, and this and that, so this time round and we had BBQ Chicken for dinner that has Korean BBQ Cuisine kind of food.

Mum eating Mushroom Soup

Mum eating Mushroom Soup

Mum eating Cheese Fries

Mum eating Cheese Fries


Sister at BBQ Chicken

BBQ Chicken's Chickens

BBQ Chicken’s Chickens

Grandma’s shy, Sorry!


At the end of the day, Mum came home to a surprise. We walked around shopping centres and she always talk about this Nescafe Dolce Gusto, and every time she said she wanted it, we never really had it because it wasn’t really a need, but after a month of planning, sis, her boyfriend and I decided to buy the Automatic model for her.

I wasn’t there when she opened the present ’cause we don’t stay together, but sis did told me that she was jumping for joy and it was for so long that she’s seen her so happy in her life. Im still glad and happy for her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers !

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Daily Prompt: Success!

Today’s daily prompt,
Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did

Wow, this was somehow a bit of challenge to me, and that’s probably because I’ve never really thought of asking myself this kind of question, but i guess i could say that the best thing I’d ever hope for that actually happened was getting into polytechnic studies.

I’ve never really thought that i would even reach this stage, ok wait, let me just give a bit of history. I was born in (the land before time), in a generation of family, where studies wasn’t our strong forte. Most of those whom i know, close aunts and uncles, including my family, work hard after completing basic education.

Upon completing my secondary school education, i went into ITE ( Institute of Technical Education) studying IT, and also simply because i had no interest in studying all the boring subjects and to continue to take my O’levels. I choose IT simply because, it was the only thing i could have had an interest with, games, internet, i mean, and that point of time, having to learn about IT, was the in thing. I was badass with computers. The badass of all badass because computer was like my life. I would have recalled using the computer about more then 15 hours a day and other days even more, which i highly don’t recommend.

My cousin closest to me is already working off to pay the bills, and even my younger sister was working. In fact, I’m the only one of my ‘age'( okay this was 3 years ago) that should have been thinking of working, but no, i didn’t.

After i graduated from ITE, i thought that i was actually quite pleased with myself, and a lot of people were discussing about what they want to do, and it just happened that there was  career fairs going around all the polytechnic schools, looking at the different courses they had to offer, and i was just trying to see if i can manage to get a spot. Back then, getting into a polytechnic school was hard enough, and most of my friends just wanted to serve National Service and then get on with work. I was thinking at the back of my mind, that if I actually can go up for further studies, it will benefit my future, and it will also break the barrier that my line of family has and for once I wanted to prove to myself and my family, that we are not just hard workers, but also smart workers.

Results came in, and i was actually admitted to Republic Polytechnic. It was one of the best things that I’ve hoped for not only because I had managed to prove it right, but also because it really change the course of my life.

And now, I’ve come to the stage of where I’ve ended my polytechnic studies, and soon be serving my National Service. I’d hope to go for university studies if possible and/or work at the same time.

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A Trip to JB.

The trip that lasted a day, though it was short was very pleasing indeed. It feels good to step out from the usual days and take a trip across the border. Planned by my relatives, we were staying at Puteri Pacific Hotel. Added in, it was a trip that which was sponsored by my aunt so it worth the stay.

Rooms was nice though, comfy beds definitely. Even if they had some upgrading works at the time being so no swimming pool, the gathering in rooms, the spirit of enjoying each other’s company in the rooms, watching TV, eating on the floor, diving towards the bed upon opening to room door for the first time. It felt like it triggered a memory of the past, when we were all still very young, my cousins and I.

Walked in City Square Shopping Mall for what felt like the hundredth time, because we practically go there before going to the hotel, after going to the hotel, the next day after we slept, and even after we’re about to go home.

Before heading home, we checked out, and went for karaoke session, and WOW. It’s definitely something I’ve never expected before.

It feels like a meeting room, like a room meant for i don’t know, you know those old films where they have like a (gangster*) clan, and where the bosses will sit in the middle and like there’ll be 4 girls on their sides, and the clan leaders will be feeling like a boss?!* and saying ‘ yeah drinks on me.

This room can actually i guess fit like more than 20 people, 2 TV’s, can’t see the other side, and the food is good too . 🙂 Oh wait, there’s your own personal toilet in the room. 😀

So here’s just in case you feel like wanting to experience something similar, or if you happen to have a hardcore dying clan of karaoke cliques waiting to battle it out, here’s the link to the page for this place.
Neway’s KB

After hours of plenty good fun, it was great to be with my relatives, grandma, cousins, and family. Wish there was more of of these types of gatherings. Overall, I had a really good time, right before starting school 🙂


project 365 – day 28


mum cooked some fish and chips for me. thanks mum!

don’t get this everyday, having mum to cook is sometimes a rare occasion because she’s very busy, thats why i love her for spending her time to do so