Live the better life while Tweeting

live the better life while tweeting

Stress comes into play, minds in shock, unable to move nor think. Dumbfounded. The world that we choose to believe sucks our brain, and takes form of another alternate side of us. The non-productive state of us, and the non-beneficial part of our life, choose to reside on the twitter app on our phone.

Complains, tons of them, piled up like pieces of paper that reaches the world’s tallest building but actions none taken. Social media has been made to engage with people through expressions and ability to share with billions  yet we choose to express the wrong type of impression.

We can’t blame ourselves for what we do, because we already feel bad, so we share it with the world because we feel bad, but little did we know, that a spread of sadness comes with a consequence far beyond measures.

Have someone tweet ‘It sucks today’, and having it retweeted across every other friends in the list, sooner or later, someone else who felt like they’re not having a good time, retweet that, and then what, you’ll have a whole nation saying, ‘it sucks today’. Influence are strong, especially with hashtags available these days.

Look inside each person deep enough and you can see that he/she churns out an aura that reflects the way we feel. Two person stepped into a puddle of water and then turned out to get pooped by a bird. Both feel bad, One choose to act in with a chilled out persona and let it go while another chooses to act with a bossy, complain-king persona. Which one would you rather spend time with?

It’s simple if one applies it visually. A person surrounding a group of friends gives out an aura that will affect the person around them. Show them how funny you are, and in return they will laugh with you, and enjoy your day. Talk to them about your boring life, how you had the worse day of all, and they wouldn’t most likely even feel like enjoying themselves, instead maybe ignore, or feel pitiful for you. They might cheer you up, because that’s what you need, it makes you feel a little bit better, but you realize then that the whole day’s highlight has been spent trying to make you feel better.

What if there’s no friends to attend to you then? What if you dont feel better stilll?

What if we can change all that bad feeling into a good feeling and make you feel better by your own? You might be wondering what the hell am I talking about.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t tweet about how you feel, tweet all you want, but try this.

For every bad feeling you feel, have a change of mindset. Instead of tweeting, ‘Its so bad today, god i feel like im going to die ^$#(*% FML.’ or the ‘weather sucks! Now i can’t go out as planned! #sadlife #FML ‘

Turn it into positive or more encouraging words such as ‘There’s up and downs in life, I’m not going to let it bring me down #positive’ or ‘Even if things didn’t go as planned, I shall find something productive to do. In the mean time, rain please go away! #chill’

It’s hard to accept it but it’s not impossible. It might even sound unnatural or goody-good but it works. I’ve had my share of bad times, but I could never choose to display them negatively, not because I was not expressive, or afraid of knowing what people might think of me, but because I was mindful towards how my actions would make them feel.

Even if things doesn’t really change the fact that what happened has already happened, it does make a huge difference to how one feel at the end of the day. Not only will you feel much better, you might also cheer up someone at the other side who might be having a bad day and reading your tweets.

With that, i hope you reconsider reading your tweets, and how it sounds like, or how it would affect the others around you, and make it your own life-changing persona.

A good aura attracts a positive crowd, while a bad aura attracts the negative crowd.

Have a nice day. When everything feels wrong, we move along.



Daily Prompt : 1984

Trapped in a room of  pitch black, silence, utmost darkness. No lights seeped through any part of this walls, I can imagine only myself being dead, i think, dead would have felt even better, than to hear the sound of my own heartbeat rising, and awful noises my breath made, trying to slowly gasp for calmness and  gripping myself for what’s coming after.

Fear, was expecting me. I can honestly see its evil smile, backed with full of plans. Evil wouldn’t come in without laughs. It’s honest satisfaction of having me now for itself, would be a complete addition to end my existence.

Death was inevitable. Either way, i would have already knew it ever since I’d turned and accept myself, for a person I had made myself become.
Felt a screeching pain down the back of my body, it was fast and swift, as it penetrates. Unexpected, yes it was, as the shiny blade pierced through my skin. ‘Backstab’ written on the blade.

“What you get for backstabbing people you had known”, it said.
What was fast, had counted for more, because time was slowing.

A match for an eye. It burns, ‘For what you shouldn’t have seen, your lust and desires you should have known better, A pot and a glow, red hot lava, i was forced to swallow, for the things you shouldn’t have eaten, and drank. It likes what’s it was doing and it show no mercy at all.

‘What’s better than a slowing death, its me watching your death, it said again.
There was the sound of water streaming. It almost felt like a relieved, but it was only a few seconds later, then it was filled up to my neck. In a closed room, a trap room is obviously a trap, and I was its victim. I had to reach out for air, but there wasn’t much time. Sooner, I accidentally gulped a water down my throat, and I choked myself only to find myself needing to breathe more air. It was my last breath, and the next thing i knew, I was in the cold, holding my breath, for as much as i could hold.

“Suffocation,” I can feel it whisper in my head. “For how you’ve suffocate the people you had done to most.”

I could no longer hold it in. Drowned i was, and it felt like every inch of my body had been filled in with water, I’ve lost out hope, just as that was about to happen, “No it hasn’t end, not yet”.

Lying flat on the ground, feeling nothing else but the bloat on my stomach, I felt dirt on the ground. Its piling up, and the ground seems to break apart, consuming every living soul that wasn’t bound to live in its treacherous conditions. I accept the fact that it was time, Fear shows the greatest,as ‘it’ was fear.

I let the ground accept my body, and returns me to the pieces that I was from, a part of this universe

An imaginative dream, and a new point of wisdom to be told.

The greatest fear is having to fear as long as you live, as it consumes you, and for as long as you do, you will always feel it coming for you. For this feeling is always present, just as courage is present beside you. Accepting nor accepting it, doesn’t makes it go away, it’s always be an entity that you’ve known. Having the courage to accept fear as it is, and understand how it works is the only way of knowing what a fear s. Courage will stand by your side, and you will survive, without fear, there wouldn’t be courage, as you stand, living in this life.

Thanks for the inspiring prompt that got me into this imaginative dream.


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Nothing = Everything.

As I was walking back home from school, I just realized that I’m walking alone. Not that I’m being anti-social,(i think I’m gonna be forever alone), but then when you’re all alone, your mind starts to wander.

My mind went into the thoughts of me living off my life lonely independently, and exploring the world alone. ALONE. I’d be off somewhere in the winter, and I’ll be alone, probably in the desert field alone, oh and I think if I were to organize a birthday party even at the coolest place ever like a sky rooftop bar, I’d picture, empty bars, tables full of nachos just left there to sog in the rain after, and just me.

I wouldn’t want to spread the negativity aura now, considering that at this point of time, I’m having rough days, but there’s a need for me to say it so that you can understand. Just recently, I started working in the weekends, I had wanted to work for both days, and it rained, my pay is really nice, but my hours depended on the people and weather, so I was sent home earlier than expected and therefore i had lesser pay. On that day itself, I was supposed to have had a project with my teammates, and because I needed the money, I sacrificed some important stuffs for school. Not forgetting all the sleepless nights, because of the whole ball of tiredness just clumped into me trying to get through the next day, I’m trying to catch up with driving lessons. Then my handphone died out on me. It went spoiled, and i just repaired it not much that a month ago. Can’t complain but have to (yes, not I’m won’t make it better by just complaning or you prolly won’t care either)

The thing is that, whatever I was feeling at this point of time, the emptiness that was going around me, all the bad things, it made me feel like I’m nothing to this world. It made me feel like I’m not as equally as important as anyone else, and feel moody, grumpy, and it like shit, BUT, in these times, while walking back home from school, the emptiness, the lonliness, somehow made me feel like I am somehow free. A part of me says that, I’m on my worst days, can’t get any worser, only better and another part of me also says that in this emptiness, I’ve open myself to everything. When you feel like you have to be a part of something, you’re constrained to yourself, knowing that, when I’m at this stage, I can also see that the world is mine, opportunity is now in front of me and  now I see everything, when you know nothing, you have the motivation to want to know everything.

So even in the worst of days, there’s always another side of the pole that brings us from nothing to everything.

Daydreaming work and study.

The days has gone through here and there. I feel like a gust of wind, being hurled down and around. The working environment is fast-paced and now I’m letting out a huge sigh over the few months that has passed. 2 months is fast, but it also feels kind of slow. Another 4 months to go, and when i think about it, there’s isn’t much time left to enjoy the working life. I’m enjoying how I feel like I’m starting to earn my own money and help my mum out by taking care of my own expenses for transport and food wise. For once, it felt like I’m eating out of my own hard work.

I’m still in a state daydreaming the idea of studying and the reality of the working world. The urge to want to be out there to work is in my mind, still I’m not yet ready for the working life because I feel like I’ve not sufficient knowledge to be earning a stable income to support myself. I like the fact that I’m living an adult world, but I can’t deny the fact that I miss being a polytechnic student.

The ability to express myself with the friends around me is beyond words when I’m with my friends in and out of school, but when I’m isolated in the working environment where I’m no longer a part of it, I think it took away ‘a part of me’.

A friend of mine told me,
“You look different then before, you used to be all cheerful and happy, but now you look so gloomy”.

Never was in my conscious mind was i aware that i was changing. I guess I can say that the environment you are in change the way you view life, how you react, feel and think. The work is tiring, and at the end day, i look at myself thinking, ‘well this is life, I’m glad that I’m changing to adapt to the work that i need, at the same time, having to experience this path, this road that I might go back or not go back to soon when I finish my studies.

Till then, I’m keeping my hopes up,  believing that this will all pay out in the end and that it was worth the journey, and again how i experience this part of life.


Daily Question By Thought Questions : Unhappy Ways

Now this is a question with a thought in mind that we should understand and reflect on. Let’s look at it in this way. Anything that allows you to change your mood from happy to sad such as ,

  1. thinking negatively
    Whatever you do, if you keep on telling yourself that you can’t make it, and you don’t even want to try to do something when you’re sad, that will make you really unhappy.
  2. listening to sad songs and sad documentaries/movies
    Songs are known to also bring out the emotions in one’s self. Songs relating to heartbroken, death or whatsoever unless its a cheer up song won’t really have an effect of making you feel happy, instead make you stay unhappy.
  3. Purposely hurting yourself on purpose
    although it may seem like a good idea when you cut, or slap yourself in the face , it will still not help with the purpose of getting better, because in the end you will still feel pain. You’re unhappy about things, so you have to counter it and not feel helpless about it. Instead of feeling happy, what you feel is emptiness.
  4. Not doing something you love or enjoy 
    Of  course, when you’re working for someone who you don’t like, when someone pisses you off, when you get into the zone, and end up fighting, not able to pay the bills, you got a ticket for drunk driving.  It may not look like a big deal, but combine all of them together, stack them up problem after another and you’ll find yourself in a never ending trap of unhappy scenes and that can can be proven danger in the long run.
How about you? What are your thoughts on this? 

Share it with me on my wall, or post a link of your post into my comments.

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