How to Improve your Body Posture and appear Confident.

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I was sitting thinking about how my body language is affecting people. The more i thought of it, the more conscious i start to become. At the same time while doing so, I can’t help but to look at other people’s body and see what their body is trying to show.

There was a really cute girl in front of me while i board the train one day, but she seemed to be slouching down with her arms crossing in front of her. She seemed like a nice person, but her posture made it seem like she didn’t want to be seen or just want to be left alone with.

Have you ever thought of the message you’re bringing across while you’re standing with your arms folded in front?

An arm folded in front crossing each other signals insecurity. I happen to observe that this happens almost anywhere, or when there’s someone in your line of sight or zone.Then again, you might say its cold, which is also a sign of insecurity that you need to keep yourself warm.

These unconscious acts often leads to lesser communication because it makes you seem unapproachable. Other ways people are doing unconsciously is putting their bags in front of them, nervous tension, fiddling with their hands or trying to look down all the time and avoid eye contact.

Truth is there’s a lot of amount of people who do this unconsciously. I’ve to admit, as conscious as i am, i happen to do it too, so as soon as I realise what I’m doing, I quickly correct my standing position to make me look more approachable and visible at least.

I was following reading up on a book called ‘The Body Language Bible‘ by Judi James and in one of the chapters talks about your power posturing, which I find would be the best posture to make you look better, feel healthier and be confident.

Look in the mirror on how you would normally stand, and then try to compare it with you standing following the steps below.

  • Stretch your spine as if you’re trying to touch the ceiling with your head
  • Keep your head straight and chin at a right angle.
  • Wriggle your toes to make yourself feet aware. Know your ground well, and find the balance between both of your feet
  • Roll your shoulders in a circular motion starting from up and forward and then back and down. Keep it back and down
  • Keep fingertips brushed against side of your thighs.
  • Push your lower pelvis forward a little (men please be more delicate with this)
  • Take deep breaths in
  • Tuck in your stomach
  • And then Smile!

Does the Power Posturing make you look better, and appear more friendlier? Try applying it in your life and see some changes.

(it may feel a little bit weird standing in the position, because your body is used to your natural position, but you will soon get used to the new position) 

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Operation WNF – 28th March 2012

I just woke up from my afternoon nap, i saw the watch strikes 6pm, i saw my neighbor’s cat who lives below on the 1st story sleeping on my blanket. The white noise from my fan, makes me want to sleep a little more longer, but when i think about it back, i wouldn’t want to make that as an excuse, so i got up from bed, with the confident mind to complete what I had wanted to do.

“5K today”, i can do this.  I had in my mind the route which I’m gonna go for, it was the same as previous, only taking an extra longer route before coming back home. Unfortunately, my RunKeeper App from my hand phone didn’t get the signal for GPS today, probably due to the weather conditions maybe,  and halfway through, I heard the voice from the app goes, distance 0.0 km .

Didn’t gave up , just went on with what I had planned and sweat a lot.
Upon reaching home and checking if there’s anything i can do about the Runkeeper App website page, i saw that you can add in the activities, so it was a relieve.
Plotted out the route i ran, and was surprised to see that i had passed the 5k.

5K done! 🙂 It was good, I’m definitely going for another round of 5K soon again.
Here’s what i have learned from today.

When you put your mind and effort to it and believe that you can, there will be progress.

Operation WNF – 25th March 2012

Today was a Sunday, yet i felt like I have so much energy inside of me because i think i was staying at home the whole day (haha hey its holidays for me)  , I’m not so sure what to do, I was at home, and it was still raining, but be it rain or shine, I was determined to go for a jog around the neighbourhood. Keeping fit is a not just merely a target to live up to, it’s a lifestyle, and in order to do that, I have to be true to myself and dedicate my time to run while i have the time. I feel that it’s not really a bad idea to go on a Sunday night jog.

After the run, i really sweat from top to toe, I didn’t feel it was my best, but I did persevere a little bit more and push. My liver is getting better and i can breathe better now, I feel my stamina slowly increasing and the more i tell myself that I can do it, the more i actually can do it. I slowed down a bit, and jog a bit slower upon reaching the end so i don’t pant so hard after.

(Oh and i  stepped some big nut/fruit on the floor, almost tripped in the wet floor, could have hurt bad and land on some pretty drain railings ) but i didn’t so that was okay.

Time to rest, head out for another day soon. Gonna aim for 5k!

Operation WNF – 16th March 2012

This time round, I’ve managed to again pull off another day to jog again.
I told myself, no matter whatever i have, I want to do this. It can’t just be a one time thing, so the day before i had make sure I rest my legs, and to jog again on Friday. However late afternoon, I decided to go to school to meet up with a few friends, and since we are chilling there, I decided to take my jog in school.

This time round, i had made a two round jog around school in the hot evening sun. Quite different from what i did back on Wednesday, because of all the heat. I do find it a bit harder, maybe because i didn’t have a proper lunch before jogging. I did what I can, and at the pace i was at, i was trying to run faster than what i did before and it did show. However i ran lesser, but it was still a good run for me.

My lungs seems to be breathing hard, maybe its due to my previous excessive smoking ‘which I’ve stopped’ and asthma since young. After googling over a few sites, here one really useful website that i found.

Its really good to understand why I’m going through such things, and i feel that even things like a small pain. I can now relate to what I been through and use the appropriate actions necessary. I do have some preventive asthma medication, but sometimes i forget to take them. OOPS!

Yeah, well at least now i know the effects and what i should be doing.

Operation WNF – 14th March 2012

I’ve made friends with an app called the Runkeeper. With this app, I’m actually able to track down the progress I have made through. I’ve made plans to jog, but I was unsure of whether the rain would stop me. It has been raining since early afternoon, so i thought it might just cool down a little bit around 6pm. It still was drizzling. At a point of time a sudden pour of rain just went gushed through, lucky for me, I was still stretching at the starting point near my house.

I told myself , “No excuses, I really need to jog ” , and so I just did. They say the first step is the hardest, which is to take the jogging shoes and take that step to go out of the house and go for it. Its all in the mind.

This is usually the route i would take. I love long distance around the community jogs , it helps to keep my mentality thinking, especially when I’m ‘actually’ far away from home, and that I need to reach home because its just coming by anytime soon now , and I need to continue going.

So this was how i did, I don’t really know if i did well, but it was a really tiring day, and because it was drizzling, i had to be extra careful not to slip down. I don’t want have that experience of having a bad fall again ! 🙂