Daily Prompt: Landscape

In today’s daily prompt, the question asks,

When you gaze out your window — real or figurative — do you see the forest first, or the trees?

When i gaze outside my window, all I can see are forests. Forests that goes endless for days. I’m a fox, reeled into the depths of the realm that goes beyond every step further deeper into the unknown. As i stroll down the uncharted forest, curiosity makes me want to go travel even more. I passed by a tree, charmed by its existence.

Just as i was about to stop to enjoy its magnificence, i saw another tree beside, this tree, is different, but in didn’t end there, the next tree, its sleek figure. The next tree sways gently with the slow calm wind. Another tree rattles its leaves upon my arrival, kindly acknowledging my appearance, seeking attention.

The calling won’t end. I couldn’t stop like I’ve wished, to enjoy its beauty because every step i take hoped that i would find the perfect tree.

All i see is the big forest, too fast to stop for any tree, but maybe, just maybe, once the time is done, and the  I would then stop for a tree.

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Daily Prompt: Menagerie

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

I might be the odd one out among most posts, but yes currently I don’t have any animals living with me right now.  Hold up, wait a minute, it’s not that i don’t like animals, I love them. They are really fun to be with.

My mum has cats (i think throughout the years, we used to had 12 cats), and my sis has a fish, both me and sis used to own hamsters, and well, the one’s i had died and i still don’t know why. Got sick and crazy, and its sad really.

I’m currently living with grandma, and its already great. Its been close to half a year. Having a pet around the house would be fun, but considering that there’s also responsibility, i choose to not have a pet. I think that there would be a time where i’ll have a pet to accompany during lonely ‘forever alone’ days in the future, but for now, I’d have to say, that I’m satisfied with having just to be taking care of myself and the people around me.

That being said, I guess Mr Foxy, and Mr Bear keeps me accompanied during nights like this.

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