Thoughts for Future.

These legs is killing me,
But my heart says its bound to be
when work has become responsibility
when surviving depends much on money.

These thighs are aching,
less playing,slowly its fading
working so I’m saving
in the future might need a wedding ring.

Every penny saved is a penny earned.
Financial freedom is what i yearn,
I wish to take care of my self when I’m old,
Don’t wish to trouble when the night gets cold.

Able to pay for medicines, when i turned grandpa
Don’t you wish the same for your wife when she turned grandma?
Hold on to the thoughts, and make time now
so that in the future, difficult i would  definitely understand how.

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Look at your hand.


Yes indeed.  Taking a closer look at your hand, it shows the resemblance, it is these hands that put you to work, to touch, to build roads, bridges and buildings, to write, to send and receive. To learn more and to move and change the world. It works hand in hand with the mind at its best. When i look at mine, and say it to myself, “I’m the creator of my own destiny, I feel a sense of motivation to want to do something and that deep connection with myself makes it even more appreciative to know that, I’m here, I have these, I can do something about myself and make a big difference . Make use of it, and be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Be the creator of your own destiny.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Caring for our environment and future.

I think that more people should start caring about the environment. There has been so much change in the weather these days. The weather’s very unpredictable at times, and I think that this has got to do with some melting ice polar caps, the depletion of the ozone layer and of course its important to know where this come from.

I think that we should all understand the effects of this, and be more appreciative, be more conservative, and find other alternatives if possible to make the world live a little longer.

We can’t save the world, but we can each do our part by helping ourselves care for our future generations.