Daily Prompt: Dulled

Daily Prompt suggested,

You encounter a mysterious man offering you a magic potion that, once sipped, will make one of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch) super sharp — but dull the others. Will you sip it, and if so, what sense do you choose?

Linking it back to the previous prompt that i had about having a sense of hearing, that I’ve talked about the other day, upon hearing the news of a mysterious man offering me a magic potion, i had developed the supernatural ability to have a super-human ability to listen at great expectations.

Upon finishing up the magic potion , i had thought that my brain was almost going to explode. There was a sharp call, crying of loud noise, somehow just squeezing right into my eardrum, almost impairing my hearing senses, i didn’t hear anything else, but the loud screech that blasted my brain, much like what you feel after someone gives you a tight slap in the face. I fell down on my knee, hugging myself in hope of trying to contain that unbearable pain but up to no avail, cursing at the mysterious man, who’s putting me at the  position im experiencing.

My eyes started hinder and it was blurry , A wave right down my spine, spreads throughout my entire body leaving me with a feeling of numbness, unable to hold to empty glass of magic potion i drank earlier, it dropped to the floor, and cracked.

Then, there was complete silence. I looked up to the night sky in hope for some clearer view, but all i see is the dark smudging the night lights. The mysterious man was gone.

I heard a voice, it’s getting even louder, but i don’t see anyone near. It sound like it came from the front, but i don’t see anyone. The conversation was loud, so i turned around, just in case my mind was playing with me. I walked in front hoping to find something,and that’s when i notice a park.

Right after, a moment, right at the far end of the bushes parallel to a tiled walkway , a group of guys, appearing suddenly from the shadows of darkness in sight were walking, happily laughing. Voices sounded familiar, much like the one I’ve been hearing, but these very people were not just far away but out of sight. How can they be heard so far?

Curious event, maybe it could have been another group.

A noise came from the back, a light was flickering away, but it couldn’t have been possible because the light i saw was at least about a few meters out in the open field. The sound was almost microscopic , that even the smallest of sound was an agent to my hearing stimuli.

Looking at the nearest estate building apartment nearby, i hear a baby crying, a man arguing with a woman, “you have to stop this habit, your gambling problem is an addiction that’s harming not only us, but our baby”.

A dog was barking, a cat, screaming out of shock, and replies of banters and hissings. I was astounded, and as i gave focus on what i was able to hear, i also heard to clangs and clatters of a nearby coffeeshop, someone stirring a metal glass, a gut feeling telling me that’s someone just ordered a cup of coffee with carnation milk.

The flutter of a group of bats, flapping from tree to tree right above me, the sound of the water rushing in to the drain, below me, and a car that braked too late at the end of a traffic light causing a screech of rubber against gravel and dirt.

Everything was in comparison. The superhuman ability was real, and it has allowed me to eavesdrop things that was away, and things that were too soft to be heard by the ‘normal’ ear. Things that couldn’t have been seen, things that are most likely happening in the distances ahead.

I know it doesn’t end here. I’m not so sure what are the side effects, but i know its getting stronger, after each passing day. I might be able to hear, the sound of a television coming from a neighbour’s house, the communication among a few dozens a few kilometers by few weeks after, and i might then be able to hear the sounds of the vast ocean in my own house, in a month.

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Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

The daily prompt suggested the daily post bloggers to,

Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation I’ve experienced on waking up today. Pick the one I’ m most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one I’m least drawn to.)

Window from my room

Window from my room

Waking up was a usual routine, though today I heard of a different tone. I hear the sound of the door, making that wide squeaky sound, I hear mumblings just outside the room, I knew it was grandma. Her voice always seem too familiar. She has a deep husky voice, but not one’s that deeper than mine, her lazy voice when she talks to me on the phone.

I tried to remember, i tried to trace, i tried to grasp a hold of knowing that I’m always hearing the standard alarm buzzing through my ears, the birds chirping during the early sunrise, followed by a constant sound of a big machine running across the MRT train tracks, but i didn’t, not today.

What was the time now? , I woke up late and its already 8. I heard a faint voice talking to someone else, somewhere in the background. It sounds like its coming from the living room.

“Nasri, gone to work already?” Something was wrong. Grandma would know if I’m in. She would have heard the sound of my alarm ringing and come again to remind me every 10 mins to wake up, i didn’t hear to that either.

Soft mattresses slide, the bed joined creaked, i can also hear the dragging of my feet against the floor as i walked to the bathroom, passing by the noisy dryer, my grandma, always choose to operate in the morning. The sound of water splashing against my skin brings comfort, and a tinge of freshness, a wake up call to start a new day.

I still hear a conversation between two person in the living room. Looking out without my specs on after the bath, I can’t see a thing, but only to rely on the only thing that I am good with at that moment,

“Its your aunt. ” , my ear received.

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