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The Better World Project

The Better World Project

We are living in a world with issues still left untold and it needs addressing.

You may find an issue more crucial to life as compared to others. We all have our own views when we see it, AND If we voice out and get ourselves heard, we can spread a vast awareness and share our views together.

In search of trying to understand how we can improve ourselves and our world, I started a small project called The Better World Project.

It’s my first time doing a project for my blog which involves going out of the internet life and asking people questions. I was nervous like hell because I didn’t expect it to be so scary. It’s also hard because people might think that I’m some salesman or promoter, getting the palm’s up and No’s before I even mentioned anything.

Still, it triggered me that if I want answers, I need to go for it. I want to understand what is it that concerns our people.

With the help of my friends Sodrudin and Rasif, we went to town, from Scape to Orchard Road with our whiteboards and sweets to ask people a simple question.

What do you think can help to make the world a better place?

I’ve got to say that some voiced out really good replies.

It’s amazing how people can have a diversity of answers to contribute. Some that I find really true and unconsciously didn’t even think about. Some gave concerns about our environment, while others tackles on our society and how we treat ourselves.

I would like to give thanks to the supporters for this project, and for spreading out your message for others to look and think about.

There are still issues out there that we are afraid to voice out how we feel. The world needs our help make her a better place.

You can make the world a better place through awareness. Share your views with your neighbours, friends, community .Facebook it, Twitter it out, blog about it. Even better, participate in the activity, and Insta-pic or Insta-vid it.

What is yours? Share it with me in the comments!

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Driving Retest

I had just finish the my driving practice earlier on. Its time for a good rest ro prepare for tomorrow’s retest.

Hope to pass this time round.

Drive faster and the faster you fail

Remember to check the mirror after parking

That is the words i’m remembering for tomorrow.

Daily Prompt : 1984

Trapped in a room of  pitch black, silence, utmost darkness. No lights seeped through any part of this walls, I can imagine only myself being dead, i think, dead would have felt even better, than to hear the sound of my own heartbeat rising, and awful noises my breath made, trying to slowly gasp for calmness and  gripping myself for what’s coming after.

Fear, was expecting me. I can honestly see its evil smile, backed with full of plans. Evil wouldn’t come in without laughs. It’s honest satisfaction of having me now for itself, would be a complete addition to end my existence.

Death was inevitable. Either way, i would have already knew it ever since I’d turned and accept myself, for a person I had made myself become.
Felt a screeching pain down the back of my body, it was fast and swift, as it penetrates. Unexpected, yes it was, as the shiny blade pierced through my skin. ‘Backstab’ written on the blade.

“What you get for backstabbing people you had known”, it said.
What was fast, had counted for more, because time was slowing.

A match for an eye. It burns, ‘For what you shouldn’t have seen, your lust and desires you should have known better, A pot and a glow, red hot lava, i was forced to swallow, for the things you shouldn’t have eaten, and drank. It likes what’s it was doing and it show no mercy at all.

‘What’s better than a slowing death, its me watching your death, it said again.
There was the sound of water streaming. It almost felt like a relieved, but it was only a few seconds later, then it was filled up to my neck. In a closed room, a trap room is obviously a trap, and I was its victim. I had to reach out for air, but there wasn’t much time. Sooner, I accidentally gulped a water down my throat, and I choked myself only to find myself needing to breathe more air. It was my last breath, and the next thing i knew, I was in the cold, holding my breath, for as much as i could hold.

“Suffocation,” I can feel it whisper in my head. “For how you’ve suffocate the people you had done to most.”

I could no longer hold it in. Drowned i was, and it felt like every inch of my body had been filled in with water, I’ve lost out hope, just as that was about to happen, “No it hasn’t end, not yet”.

Lying flat on the ground, feeling nothing else but the bloat on my stomach, I felt dirt on the ground. Its piling up, and the ground seems to break apart, consuming every living soul that wasn’t bound to live in its treacherous conditions. I accept the fact that it was time, Fear shows the greatest,as ‘it’ was fear.

I let the ground accept my body, and returns me to the pieces that I was from, a part of this universe

An imaginative dream, and a new point of wisdom to be told.

The greatest fear is having to fear as long as you live, as it consumes you, and for as long as you do, you will always feel it coming for you. For this feeling is always present, just as courage is present beside you. Accepting nor accepting it, doesn’t makes it go away, it’s always be an entity that you’ve known. Having the courage to accept fear as it is, and understand how it works is the only way of knowing what a fear s. Courage will stand by your side, and you will survive, without fear, there wouldn’t be courage, as you stand, living in this life.

Thanks for the inspiring prompt that got me into this imaginative dream.


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Daily Question By Thought Questions- Waiting and hoping for the right one.

Currently, for myself, I seek to wait and hope that I am able to live to the day I can find someone who I can get along with very well. Someone who I can share my experiences with, someone whom see me and willingly accept my feelings for her. Someone who not only see herself not for the outer beauty but also with an inner beauty. Someone who’s willing to give me a chance to show what’s its like to love.

Feel free to share with me yours. Leave me a link behind in the comment and share it with others with your own question in your own blog too .