Instagram Vs Vine, What’s going on?


Facebook recently released out a new video function for Instagram app users with the ability to record 15 seconds video. The recent news has currently taken the social media by storm. News channels and blogs almost everywhere are blogging about it, Forbes, Yahoo, TheGuardian covering what’s in store for the new Instagram Video. Even my blogger friend, Mitsueki is blogging about it.

So in order to help out, I’ll try my best to give out the links, to make you understand what’s going on in the not so complicating way possible.

What’s the huss and fuss about Instagram new Video feature?

Capability with Platforms.

The first release was out from Apple’s Store, with the new Instagram 4.0 version. The plus point for the new update is that, would be the inclusive 13 filters that goes along with the video, followed by the Google App Store that was available a few hours later.

This is naturally fine, however the current version for Android apps supports only from Jellybean 4.1 onwards. Which means that those using Android phones only compatible up to 4.0 JellyBean, won’t benefit much from this app. Unless they choose to make it compatible. So fellas, if you’re using an Samsung S2 like me, so sorry to say that it’s not available yet, unless they plan to make it compatible

The new Cinema is a stabilisation feature technology available is IOS4 and IOS5, allows  a more stable video recording feature to minimize ‘shaky’ video in return producing better looking videos. Again, only available for iOS users. Android users won’t benefit much from this new technology unless they choose to implement it later on.

Vine uses to have its app available to iOS but recently allowed users Android 4.0 Jellybean onwards to use the app, which is a plus point.

Comparing between Instagram VS Vine, Tech Crunch have kindly showed the comparison between both, which might cover all of your need-to know’s and speculations.

For more information and more details on its comparison, here’s the link.

On the social media platform side, From what i know, the battle of words have been going on around about saying how Instagram will take over Vine.

One of the benefits Instagram video will have over Vine is that it already has a dedicated audience. Instagram has 130m active users, Systrom said at the unveiling, with 1bn likes a day. Vine, which Twitter bought for $30m, launched as a new app in January, with users having to build followers from scratch. – via Guardian

“Vine is like fast food, while Instagram video is more like eating in a nicer restaurant,” said Ovum analyst Jan Dawson.

But, Vine users on the other hand has a different feeling about its new rival, saying

People are comparing the Vine’s and Instagram’s feature set, which makes sense. But Vine has developed a culture that’s weird, young, and funny. The Atlantic

A few responses from users came up with  #TeamVine to express out their opinions.

It’s kinda true when you see it. Vine has been mostly used about over so many times in conjunction with Twitter, and have been used to create those funny 6 second videos, , and sometimes shared on Facebook. The community that surrounds these Vine users, reminded me of 9GAG or 4Chan’s era. Funny viral videos. It makes it even better that’s in on loop, because that’s what makes Vine videos, Vine.

I have a feeling that Facebook’ implementation to the new Instagram Video feature, will change a lot on people’s perspective now, but still only time will tell.

So the question really is, are you joining the Facebook’s Instagram that harnessing its new anti-shake technology or the Twitter’s Vine, the colonial rich history known for its 6 secs video community?

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Facebook to introduce Hashtags

I was looking through the Facebook timeline, and i was like ‘UHUH!’

Remember when you used to Instagram your beautiful photos or tweet your most amazing quotes, hashtag them with nice ‘kewl’ words i think like at least 20 of them( i think you can go way off the charts)  then sharing them on Facebook and it ends up looking like this?

Sharing Instagram Pic on Facebook

Sharing Instagram Pic on Facebook

The hashtags that was tagged in appears as just words and simply not clickable so, it just stays there, like an annoying extra tail that does nothing but just sits there.

Facebook has now then finally decide to introduce hashtags to the scene. #finally
Soon enough, all your instagram photos and tweets that includes hashtags, will be clickable in facebook.

I personally feel that this helps the people to reunite more with their friends and interest. Combining this aspect of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter together, i can see another step of innovation in the social media, and how we can now then promote new things, find out what others are discussing, in our very own Facebook.

I have a thought where if lets say i was to type in my favourite show or concert , perhaps #gameofthrones then, everything else that comes into that, people who’s sharing it on Instagram might show up on facebook? Or is it just limited to facebook hashtags? That I’m still not too sure.

“Hashtags are already happening across Facebook, but now they will be clickable and it will pop out a hashtag feed,” a Facebook spokesperson told ABC News.

Is it a good thing? What are your thoughts on Facebook about to implement hashtags?

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Project 365 – day 30 ,31 , 32 and lastly 33!

I missed out on a few posts lately, but here’s what I’ve been doing for the past 3 days.
Work was great. This is one of the days we had a class, and we celebrated one of our intern’s birthday by giving him a really good surprise! I was surprised to in fact, because i didn’t know it was his birthday.

Here’s a picture of me trying the new Instagram app that was  available on Android. I just got to know that from my cousin. I was testing out some cool things you can do with Instagram, its not bad , but i prefer Pixlr- o Matic. 🙂

And there goes me after I’ve had a clean cut for my hair before i start my internship, see at the difference of my hair before and now.

I think that will help me cover for the 3 days, yeah ? 🙂 (talking to myself already )

and last but not least day 33 which is today, yes good friday.

She’s the love of my ever breathing soul, without her, I wouldn’t actually be here either, she’s the one who took care of me when i was young besides my mum, the one who’s there always for me when i fall. 🙂 I love her so much that I get worried sometimes wondering if she’s okay. She a strong woman, My lovely grandmother. 🙂