A new experience ; Movie Meetup ‘Premium Rush’

A step into a different kind of journey. Learning through experience, allowing and accepting that in this world, we shouldn’t refrain ourselves from not going out, catch a movie, play badminton when we are not with our usual bunch of friends and in this aspect, i feel that I’ve allow myself to meet up with people of different ages.

Recently, I’ve went on a really ‘out of my usual routine’ movie meetup. I knew roughly what I’m about to face, randomly meeting up strangers for the first time, not knowing each other.

An organizer named Owen, had a movie gathering over at Meetup.com and was organizing the show ‘Premium Rush’ over at Cinileisure

Premium Rush is quite an interesting show I must say.  I’ve heard friends talking about the ‘fixie bikes’ which is going so quite popular these days, and I wasn’t too sure about whether this show has got to do with the that kind of bikes, but it sure do  talk about the exhilarating and thrilling bike messengers who loves speeding on their bikes. If you like bikes with no brake and a sweaty’ pumping action/romance , then you would like the movie. Check out the IMDB review here.

Enough of that, lets go back to the story, and so there i was, outside of Cinileisure, thinking  faster than the speed of light, whether what i did was really what I wanted to do and after a final thought, yes I’m going for it.

Called up Owen, and met up with a few people in the group for the first time in my whole life, and turns out! , it was actually the first meetup session for the group. That made me felt a little relieved since everyone was also meeting up for the first time. In my mind, i would have positioned myself to be somewhere at the back of the group, not knowing anyone, cause everyone else has already knew each other.

I was surrounded with a bunch of really lovely people from different backgrounds and occupations, most of them being adults and already working, I was however the only one still studying but yet still it didn’t make me feel left out. Upon dinner, we went for Coffee Club to sit and chill.

Being surrounded with a group of adults, allows me to understand that in the working environment, there are people who have such short times of breaks, and in times like this, we are not always with our old friends, everyone is busy with something. Learning to join social meetup groups like this allows us to make time for after work activities and knowing people with the same interest.Learning to socialize with new people is also a good form of communication. Having someone to join with me and the group for dinner after the movie, i guess we all have something to talk about and so engrossed in knowing more about each other. I’ve also received advice from the lovely group who have more experience than I do, and to indulge myself into these areas allows me to understand new things in life.

If there was something i learned about the meetup, was not to limit oneself. Not to limit myself to the same people I always hang out with, school mates. I’ve learn to understand how to make new friends and also not give myself an excuse for missing a show or a Saturday off. I have to do something about it, and allow myself to make new friends.

🙂 To more meetups.

Daydreaming work and study.

The days has gone through here and there. I feel like a gust of wind, being hurled down and around. The working environment is fast-paced and now I’m letting out a huge sigh over the few months that has passed. 2 months is fast, but it also feels kind of slow. Another 4 months to go, and when i think about it, there’s isn’t much time left to enjoy the working life. I’m enjoying how I feel like I’m starting to earn my own money and help my mum out by taking care of my own expenses for transport and food wise. For once, it felt like I’m eating out of my own hard work.

I’m still in a state daydreaming the idea of studying and the reality of the working world. The urge to want to be out there to work is in my mind, still I’m not yet ready for the working life because I feel like I’ve not sufficient knowledge to be earning a stable income to support myself. I like the fact that I’m living an adult world, but I can’t deny the fact that I miss being a polytechnic student.

The ability to express myself with the friends around me is beyond words when I’m with my friends in and out of school, but when I’m isolated in the working environment where I’m no longer a part of it, I think it took away ‘a part of me’.

A friend of mine told me,
“You look different then before, you used to be all cheerful and happy, but now you look so gloomy”.

Never was in my conscious mind was i aware that i was changing. I guess I can say that the environment you are in change the way you view life, how you react, feel and think. The work is tiring, and at the end day, i look at myself thinking, ‘well this is life, I’m glad that I’m changing to adapt to the work that i need, at the same time, having to experience this path, this road that I might go back or not go back to soon when I finish my studies.

Till then, I’m keeping my hopes up,  believing that this will all pay out in the end and that it was worth the journey, and again how i experience this part of life.


Daily Question By Thought Questions : Unhappy Ways

Now this is a question with a thought in mind that we should understand and reflect on. Let’s look at it in this way. Anything that allows you to change your mood from happy to sad such as ,

  1. thinking negatively
    Whatever you do, if you keep on telling yourself that you can’t make it, and you don’t even want to try to do something when you’re sad, that will make you really unhappy.
  2. listening to sad songs and sad documentaries/movies
    Songs are known to also bring out the emotions in one’s self. Songs relating to heartbroken, death or whatsoever unless its a cheer up song won’t really have an effect of making you feel happy, instead make you stay unhappy.
  3. Purposely hurting yourself on purpose
    although it may seem like a good idea when you cut, or slap yourself in the face , it will still not help with the purpose of getting better, because in the end you will still feel pain. You’re unhappy about things, so you have to counter it and not feel helpless about it. Instead of feeling happy, what you feel is emptiness.
  4. Not doing something you love or enjoy 
    Of  course, when you’re working for someone who you don’t like, when someone pisses you off, when you get into the zone, and end up fighting, not able to pay the bills, you got a ticket for drunk driving.  It may not look like a big deal, but combine all of them together, stack them up problem after another and you’ll find yourself in a never ending trap of unhappy scenes and that can can be proven danger in the long run.
How about you? What are your thoughts on this? 

Share it with me on my wall, or post a link of your post into my comments.

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Daily Question By Thought Questions : Honesty

The number one ingredient of a healthy relationship for me is honesty. I feel that a healthy relationship should come with both the person being honest. The simplicity of the beneficial factor of honesty is that just by being honest, you’re simply being you. Be honest because that’s how we feel, of course I don’t mean it in very bad way that you have to tell the person straight to the face that you don’t exactly like the person’s attitude. This ingredient is the key to a healthy relationship because it helps us to explore and adapt to the person. Knowing each other’s true self is crucial and is by far the most critical component that a relationship holds. Face it, no one loves to be lied to, and its best to know the story and deal with it, working your way through it, then beating around the bush and telling lies.

Plus, having a need of a healthy relationship, a one that will last are the ones where one is true to themselves and towards others. By that, relationships grow stronger and that’s how trust, happiness and adaptation occurs.

How about you then? What is your number One Ingredient of a healthy relationship?

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Daily Question By Thought Questions : Feeling for someone

I’m glad that I’ve let go of the past that I once had the feeling for someone. I was blinded by the idea of love and in my own world,I didn’t realize how much damage I’ve done towards my family, my friends , and what I’ve done to myself. Love make you do crazy things, sometimes things that you’re even unaware of doing It takes a caring person, one who does not give up easily  to pull me back up and see the bigger picture. Right now, I’ve learnt to understand more of relationships and how it works, and after that whole incident, I feel better.

Daily Question By Thought Questions – Appreciation

Oh well, the best thing that happened to me was that I was able to know how to appreciate life better. I think that as I grow, I’m able to pick up these little signs, that I was able to control myself more, able to learn how to not take things for granted, the best thing I learned was learning my mistakes.

Daily Question By Thought Questions- Shyness

Oh wow, this is a tough one to say. Tolerate Shyness. In a way, I’m trying to say that life’s too short for us to to keep staying in our comfort zone. There’s actually nothing wrong with staying in our comfort zone. Its good to be comfortable. For myself, I don’t think I can tolerate myself being so shy especially in this new era(although sometime I am but I’m trying my best to open up still), where the social connectivity between peers, friends and families is so important that you require to open up,speak up, be the first to make the move. I can always wait, but what if I don’t try to open myself up. Do something different, try something new. Then it would be like we’re not moving, and life itself is too short to stick to the same general routine every single day. I don’t want to go 50 years down the road, and think back that I would have missed out.

“Oh maybe’, I could have speak to that girl and asked her out, or maybe I could have bring my friends out and had a good time, or maybe I would have earn my parent’s trust if I just tell them my feelings and how I feel” , and the list goes on and on.

(and I’m not talking about work and school like that,definitely it’s a routine you have to be consistent for as much as possible, but more of a general daily activity, you don’t want to eat nothing else but bread every single day for the rest of your life now would you? )