Otherwise I’m different.

I don’t know.
Is being a nice person so hard to believe? Does it kill someone to know that there’s a nice person in this world without a bad intention? Is it so important to not believe in any good guy or girl that still exist in this world where people are still full of doubts?

A question that ran through my mind after being told by a friend of mine of how I might be too nice to someone that makes probably other people perceive me differently that a normal guy. Am i weird ? Do i look like I’m about to eat you up? Do i look like a pervert?

With that in mind, i went through the past few weeks, recalling my experience having to meet new friends at a house party. My intention was clear. To hang out with my friends.
Get to know new friends and just have one hell of a good time. I recalled taking photos, striking a conversation with someone new. I tried recalling how i say it, how i started it, and how i look at them. Not every single part of me consciously feels like I’m about to have a bad intention. Someone slipped and fall to the floor because of some spill. I worry someone else might fall over so without no hassle, i ask the owner for some towels to cover up the floor.

I can’t help someone up and be nice Otherwise I’m different. Do i need to show that I’m not a nice guy to prove that I’m not trying to be different. Shall i not smile, open the door for someone, cheer someone up, help in any way possible to make things comfortable?

Do you have a hunch about someone who might be ‘too nice’ . I believe that there’s no such thing. There’s nice with either the right or wrong intention. A doubt like this which i believe is common in the ‘safe zone’ where everyone is just very careful about people trying to be nice, because the common perception of nice needs to come with a reason and price. For others, they might feel like trying to be nice would make others think differently of them, and so nobody tries to be nice.

I just hope that one day, more people would be able to open up to believe that being nice is a chain reaction. There’s isn’t a need to worry about being nice to others. A book i read once quoted,

“Treat someone the same way you want to be treated”

and i hold on to that quote for as long as I can remember it because that’s what makes me want to do something about.

Give it a try and you might see some change in this world.
Till next time