Why My Grandma Is A Superhero

Kick ass and hit girl

Kick Ass and Hit girl from the movie Kick Ass 2

Superheroes. Do they really exist in this world? Yes They do.

My grandma is a superhero. She has no laser eye beam like Cyclops. She doesn’t  wear a tight suit with weapons walking around the city like Kick Ass back in the days, but she does have a power that comes from strong mental and inner strength.


Her strong will nature to persevere, is beyond extraordinary.

It was a good day for a picnic down by East Coast Park. My dad had brought down his company’s bus to use for the weekend and so we could use more extra baggage to cook more food and bring more stuff.

I remembered struggling to carry a huge ass size container filled with utensils, and there she was beside me sweeping off the container #likeaboss and carried it with no sweat. As much as I tried asking her to let me do it, she did it anyway. I know you would if it was your grandma too.

She had this energy that keeps her going. I don’t know if she realises the consequences of her carry heavy things, and working too hard especially when she’s in her 60’s , but after a while, I realised she isn’t just any ordinary grandma.

She climbed and tracked the hills back in those days to take care of plantations, she worked at long hours, washed other worker’s clothes after her usual factory job to feed the family because we were so poor.

She had gone through taking care of my late grandfather who had diabetes and legs cut off and carried him in her shoulders to let him enjoy a good fresh air outside of home. Grandfather was also strong-willed who tried his best to not let her overwork.

Grandma and Me

Grandma and Me

She’s not just hardworking but intelligent. Making a platform with wheels from scratch for my grandfather to move around, changing the layout of the home to ensure that he can move around his daily life without help.

If there’s something that you say you can’t, she’ll figure out a way on how to do it, somehow one way or another.

The skill of survival. 

Gone through the pain along with the rain of sweat that comes from tireless devotions to make a change.

I believe that when you are strong-willed, you will do great things. You will receive great things in return. You allow the positive aura inside of you to attract the opportunities the world has to offer

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

You can create changes in people lives, like how my grandma did and that’s what makes each of us a superhero.

Now for some good fun to end this post with.

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What the JOBS movie teaches me?

Steve Jobs poster quote

Steve Jobs Quote

The picture says it all. I’ve got to say that the JOBS movie really inspired me and allow me to look at life in a different perspective.

Talking about JOBS reminded me of how we are sometimes so bound to what other people think or do. To do something that other people are not doing is considered abnormal.

How I see a typical story normally goes would be having a group of people you hang out with considering someone an outcast because he plays with rubrics, or he doesn’t share the same idea like the rest do . As long as you’re not siding that person, you’re safe, and in order not be an outcast, you choose to play it safe and do what others do.

I urge you. Don’t be the next Monkey See, Monkey Do. What if you are the one being outcasted?

Trust in your views.

I could consider myself a misfit. I’ve fallen and fought the battle of my early secondary school days,  and with enough criticism (nerd, fatty bom bom) that could make me want to just give up on life.Though that world that surrounded my life seemed small, I dreamt BIG.

I told myself that I do not have to worry about not fitting in, because life goes on. I do not give up at the point when I’m falling, and push myself back up. I took in comments and ignore the rude remarks or LAUGH about it and make it my fulfilling desire to change these things others might think I won’t be able to or think I’m SIAO.

Reading the Meta Secret by Mel Gill, has allowed me to understand the situation I went through. Imagine our lives  and what we are feeling like a thermometer. What we feel when we’re down and happy is the same thing. It’s only at a different degree.

We are able to choose how we move up and down that degree by allowing it to flow through us and understand that there’s ups and down’s in life. Understand how to react when a situation arises.

We know it in our heart we shouldn’t be afraid to fall yet, we’re always afraid of failure. 

It might seem illogical or going to affect how people think of you, but the ones who sees things differently benefits from life in the long run. You allow yourself to change your world and also inspire other people to understand your world.

The question is will you do it for your own sake because you believe in your ability, or are you going to fall back and give up when the times are rough?

Side Note:

I blogged about overcoming my perspective of not being able watching movies alone. I find watching movies alone weird. That excuse of not having friends has led me to missing a lot of good movies.

Thanks to The Movie Club for the amazing event  for JOBS movie and poster as well as the nice dinner.

The movie club dinner


ps. Thank you for letting me be the crazy one. It has made me to what I am today.

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Feeling Constricted. What to Do?


It’s not easy to blog about life if you have a constricted life or feeling that way. I’m not saying that I’m constricted fully , but I’m saying this with reference to my National Service. I’ve thought a long way, about how i can continue to manage the blog while serving NS, is it even possible to commit myself to this journey of being a better person or trying to go for event coverage through blogging and travel the world after NS?

Another part of my story puts me in a dilemma of having to choose between working for the sake of surviving in the Singaporean economy or working for passion to try to do something with blogging and travelling, living life as a vagabond, live my life,  because I like that chance to be able to do something extraordinary and meaningful that can help others yet still be earning money at the same time and not work in a boring desk job. 

The story

As for now I’ve a Diploma in Civil Aviation or ‘Airport Management’, and my parents are asking me to sign on for NS . Some say I should choose to further my studies in Aviation  in University but boy, is the fee course so expensive, I will have to work first. I could take other courses like Psychology but that’s another story, what will i do after then?  I find myself liking music and other than that, blogging for fun.

Music has been great part of my life but at the same time my inspiration comes in and out. I stopped for awhile. Having to learn to DJ, to create music productions, to learn the ukelele, guitar , and to sing and write lyrics and to rap.

Getting music for money is again another question at hand. Singapore, well the music industry is like balancing on a thin line. You have to be that good to get paid and then you can stay on.

At the same time, blogging is like living and breathing, especially when it comes to times like this, when I need to express out how I feel. If i could combine both work and blogging together, it would be really amazing. That’s also the reason why I started to blog, to also find out what I was meant to do in life.

I’ve accepted that I have to serve NS anyway, and I feel that the opportunities left for me now to pursue big is put on hold till i really know what’s my vocation is, or what I’m doing after my Basic Training.

Will i have to take a break then, and for how long will I have to start over? Thinking too much isn’t going to calm down the other 234567 questions in my mind, so I will have to find out for some advice.

I’m not sure. I’ve to find someone who’s more experienced than me about this matter. Maybe the male bloggers in the blogosphere will answer my question. Maybe you can.

Make this one of my life lessons.

Stoner Wishing you Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri!



There’s much to be learnt from the 1 month of fast I’ve experienced lately. I was not only fasting but at the same time learning how to curb my emotions and controlling the bad desires. I learnt how not to be angry and let it go when someone decides to pull my strings. I tend to give in to other people’s complains. I learn to not gossip and badmouth, prevent myself from saying all those vulgarities people keep on saying.

I learn to accept the hard truth and forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve done. I learn how to love myself and despite not having to have everything, I’m contented with having to have nothing and make something out of it.

The 1 month has allowed me to open up to approach others and ask them for forgiveness for the things I’ve done. I’ve learned to willingly accept that mistakes is a part of a human being’s life, and feel the better about it.

I was able to read books during spare time, to read up books on life,  ‘The Meta Secret’, its humble teachers and its knowledge.

I’ve learnt to appreciate the people around me for having to break fast with me during the occasion, and bond more.

After all that, it has finally come to the end of fast. Its time to celebrate Hari Raya. I take my life lessons with me and bring it with me in my pocket so that I can remind myself of the better man.

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends Happy National Day for you Singaporeans!

Thanks for the support and i hope you can also pick up some of the life lessons of this post and apply them in your daily life !


and yes that was a reindeer’s hoof I wore.

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How to Start Living Life

I came across a video and realise the good messages it brought. I don’t want to be caught up in a desk bound job with piles of work stacking on me. Deadlines after deadlines. The not so comfortable atmosphere. Even if I’m wearing a nice suit and tie for an office job, I don’t want to end up in that position.

I want to live my life, get on the next flight and see people and see the world. I want to train and look good, live my life with no regrets, and constantly move on to greater heights.

Its time to start saving for my benefit, and if I could work to travel, I want to give it a shot.

I found a link that could be helpful that talks about the 12 best jobs that combines work and travel.

What are your thoughts about this? Have you ever had the same kind of thoughts as I do?


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How am I to work and blog?

stoner 1

It’s not easy to balance life between blogging and working.

At times, I would feel like I want to just enjoy the rest of my day before going to NS and explore all the things that I’ve not done yet.

Until now, I’ve not had the chance to actually travel overseas to Bangkok, Thailand, or somewhere across Asia, maybe even to America to have fun and enjoy a good holiday

I spend time trying to work my ass off, and then I find that it’s still not enough, or something is caught in between me and the plans.

When it comes to money vs fun, there’s a priority to choose from, and sometimes I’m trying to balance it up the weighing scale, so I don’t go nuts, or I don’t run out of money.

What if I could work to blog? 🙂 That would be nice for a change. A short post to end the day, because I’ve work the next day.



Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

It’s the year 2113. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RETROSPCTIVE.

Welcome to the 2113 Look back a Decade Mega Exhibition

2113, not born without technology
reminding us of the 21st century
a decade has passed, reliving our history
Might our forefathers were for believing in destiny

We were born and feed with real food in our tables,
the road had cars, now extinct in our stables
the world was connected through series of cables,
governments rise and fall for they’re unstable

We learn through the crying
the planet was aching
animals and plants on news we hear them dying

When we stayed united
a plan was initiated
survive we must, other worlds we confided

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