Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Today, the daily prompt asks, to tell and talk about an unconventional love in my life, I find that a little hard to extract at first, especially after I had just explained the recent topic about Love, and how I expressed my LOVE with Mum, on Mother’s day, so daily prompt now asks for another love question,

Wow. Okay. 🙂

It took me sometime to think through this, and i had to scroll through other daily prompt bloggers to get the understanding of what this post was actually about

To my understanding, i guess unconventional love would be something that’s loving something out of the norm, at least that’s what i got from googling unconventional love stories.

I love the moon. Really. I once had the feeling that the moon was really alive like a princess stuck in a far away distance , and every time when I’m sad, she would be there to smile for me. If i had did something wrong, she would have looked away, or whenever I forget to talk to her, and say hi, she would have a frown on her face. I also felt that she was the one who understood how i felt, so living at the era, at that point of time, really made me love the moon so much. She would have said goodbye every time i go to sleep, and I would have to wait for her to come and see me at night. Only at some point of time, I wouldn’t be able to see her completely, but when she’s full, she’s giving all her attention.

Though now she might have a deeper connection with astronauts.

I also think i have an unconventional love for other things like the flowers growing among the trees, because they bring vibrancy, and make me feel more bright and not so dull all the time. I also love the lights that light up the lonely streets at night because I’m quite afraid of all the blind darkness. I love my laptop so much, and i have to talk to her a lot of else she would hang in the middle of my project. 🙂

Tech-wise, I love the technology. I love the mindset, of having robots, and even cooler technology, like drones and touchable screens, (just think of Ironman 3 if you’re not sure what I’m talking about ) though i don’t expect them to turn to a version of Terminator or similar to it (hopefully not), but i really like the fact that they’re thinking about it. Just recently, they used to have this idea of having huge receivers that they are able to communicate with another person, now they call in mobile phones.

With dreams like this, i think people would really want to go and try ways of achieving the impossible making it possible.

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Daily Prompt : I want to Know What Love Is

in the daily prompt, the question asked

We each have many types of love relationships — parents, children, spouses, friends. And they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

Is there a single idea or definition, I can’t say for sure. Throughout the whole journey I’ve went through, in, out, over and under searching for love, I came across people with different meanings and understanding of love. If I were to describe love, it comes as a wide spectrum, a vast field covering so many aspects of things. The height that dwells deep within the very core of a our soul all the way to the sky up above or maybe even beyond, to the universe, to also describe what we are willing to do for the sake of love.

Love, i don’t need those things, I don’t need no ring, I don’t need anything, but you with me , ’cause in your company, I feel happy , oh so happy and complete. – Kina Grannis singing Valentine.

The love doesn’t have to be a calculative figure yet it still could be. It could be as little as being there at that moment, and as well as showering him/her in a trip expense,

Time and devotion, care, concern, patience , determination, are almost associated when describing love and it can go even way more.

The varieties of love, wow. That’s a really huge coverage. Love can be anything. I can say that the feeling is definitely good for sure.

Speaking of love,this topic reminded me that  i wrote a piece of song a few years back , collaborated with someone, Here’s the link, do check it out.  Cheers and have a good day.

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Be Guilt Free.

I still feel like I don’t understand the people in this world half of the time. There’s a really big difference between telling the truth, being honest and sometimes just lying and being crappy at something.

Some people who succeeds meant what they say, they work hard for their job, they pay attention to details, and yet I see some people who still  slack off and demand better. Some would do a a lot of talking in front of bosses, but in the back of end, do the most crappiest job ever and smoke their way through.

The realism is that, no matter what ways someone decides to hide something, sooner or later, someone will realize, eventually. It doesn’t have to be someone else who find outs,It can be very damaging to the person itself only realizing that later.

If i were to hide and lie about something in front of my boss about what I’m supposed to hand in and provide, there’s this guilt I will always carry, even after I’ve moved on for 20 years later. This image i have made of myself will change the way I view things, and when I think it’s okay to do such things, i will tend to make more of these same lies in the future. Consciously, i might still be able to change, but unconsciously, I might not be able to tell.

If there was a contractor, who decided to skip inspection checks on the safety requirements of a construction on site, just because there was a deadline given by some high authorization government perhaps, what will happen if one day, the building didn’t manage to hold in, what if there was a loophole in between, and workers die. How is the contractor going to live with that guilt that adds on to the guilt he already made before hand.

I just want to share with the world, that even though we’re late for submission, or do not complete the work on time, it doesn’t mean we should do a crappy job and just hand it in so that it’ll be considered as complete. To be responsible to one’s self is as important as being responsible to what is given. Surely meeting the target is an objective and if time is of the constraint, but it could be very damaging for the future as well.

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love

Today’s prompt was this , Tell us about a guilty pleasure that you hate to love.

Oh wow, a guilty pleasure. Until now, i believe i had a guilty pleasure of my home cooked food. Just about a while ago, I can’t help but to indulge in another round of serving of my  grandma’s delicious cooking.She cooked some really nice noodles with ‘laksa’ and  took some burger patties, cut them into pieces and had it done with black pepper sauce. I don’t know if it’s something about home cooked food, but the fact that it’s prepared there for you to eat with no additional cost of having to pay for another one, like outside food, unless you’re on a high tea meal,and those ‘pay once, eat till you drop’ restaurants. 🙂 and home cooked food just taste so much better to me 🙂

I have this habit since young to go to the kitchen, and grab another serving, telling myself  “oh its okay, it’s just a bit” , and when it’s done, i’ll grab a little more, sooner, a smaller serving as I come and go again from the kitchen to the living room, while watching TV.  This habit sooner developed into an unconscious state( bad ,really don’t follow this ) that I finished the whole entire pot of rice by myself. It comes worse especially if you’ve taken the serving and realize that the leftover is too little for someone else to eat, so you decide to take them all. (Oh the guilt of it after seeing my Santa’s stomach buldging out. No offence Santa’, i know Christmas is coming )

This addiction, of loving home cooked food, its what I enjoy but really hate to love! 🙂 Still can’t get the addiction off, but at times i try to resist .. —- sometimes. 😀

Going back to History.

If there was a place I would like to go back to, that was being in a place of where relationship was new. I lived in an environment where relationship for me during my secondary school life a big fat ‘0’. wait’ this one ‘O’ .

Innocently strange, I actually never did understood the meaning of holding on to a relationship back then, it was either a go, or a no go at all. A go would mean that I had a good chance of having a really nice girlfriend and blew it off, and a no go would be somewhere between getting rejected even before asking.

I hardly forget what i did in the past, what i did honestly to the girl who once touched my heart, (yes i would say to myself 8 years back, he’s a jerk)
Dear self, how could you hurt the girl who loved you for who you are. How could you have played her heart and make up stories? How could you not understand how your decision was affecting the one who you’ve known so well because of one reason. You.

(Self in the past) : Maybe because you’re so innocent, maybe because I did this to help you in the future understand. Maybe because you have to learn things the hard way in order for you to understand what it feels like.

Current Self : Hmm maybe, but,

If i had a chance to repeat this story, maybe I’ll do it a little better. I would have stood up for myself and never let go of the love that took me away. The girl who was being truthful about herself, i wouldn’t have let go of her just because she’s already loss her ‘virginity’ because I know that our love was stronger. I wouldn’t have lied about many things just to break up with another person. I would have swept her off her feet and let her know that I’m the one she can count on, to be there and with.

What should have happened was that I’d be living a happy life with the one, and we would have been in love for years and live a really good life. I would have get in touch with her parents and so with mine, cause during that time, our parents were already getting well with each other.

I think we could have made it far, because until now, i still do feel for her. I lost in contact with her, can’t find where she is now, but I also think if that happens, just maybe, I could at least say sorry.

Internship In the End.

6 months has gone by, it feels like the my internship ended with a blink of an eye. Though most of the days and nights working has gone by with lots of deep memories, I’ve yet to gulp in the fact that the attachment is now over. Recalling the past few days, I was trying to go on grounds to have a last look on the terminals. I went on a first person view of deep lovely memories, walking on the travellators, looking pass the gate hold rooms. Recalling the sun shining through the huge glass panels in the background, in a distant, seeing the trees surrounding the airport boulevard. A skytrain track built over and above the car park  showing technology as it is; efficient and comforting is the word. Skytrain was the ease of access for these tiring legs, and also those rushing moments during  ground operation for Flexi-gates in the wee hours of the morning.

From the morning briefings , to lunches at noon on a crowded staff canteen, the ambient and relaxing dinner on the Changi Recreation Club (CRC), the laughs and talks with managers, the coffee and tea drinks for late night supper , and the friendly staffs surrounding the airport.

I’m blessed to have the people who mentored me throughout the journey, and as much as they say I’ve changed and improved, it took a while for me to accept that, and truly believe that I’m a changed person now.

Confidently saying, that I’ve learn how to approach people better, and communicate better, it really feels amazing to understand, to be able to lead, mentor, the ability to maintain a calm person while reacting to difficult situations.

As much as the saying goes, never forget your roots. I started with a open mind, new and I willingly accepting ideas and face my fears. The team that had gave me the strength, pushed me. Team Charlie.

Somewhere along the way, new TM’s and DTM’s were introduced, there was a reshuffling.  The team that still kept going despite the challenges of having to know each other for a shorter period of time. Heads up, they were one of the best people I’ve met. Ones that I can always talk about with feelings, not only with regards to work but also our own lives. One’s that are always fun to work with. Work hard and play hard. The new Team Charlie along with the new batch of interns.

It helps me understand that life is ever changing. I managed to meet new people in school every semester, and so is the industry. New people are introduced, and we try to get along with each other despite the differences. Afterall, is it one common goal, to work in unity.

I will never have experienced this anywhere else, Internship has played a big change in making my life a journey worth remembering.

Otherwise I’m different.

I don’t know.
Is being a nice person so hard to believe? Does it kill someone to know that there’s a nice person in this world without a bad intention? Is it so important to not believe in any good guy or girl that still exist in this world where people are still full of doubts?

A question that ran through my mind after being told by a friend of mine of how I might be too nice to someone that makes probably other people perceive me differently that a normal guy. Am i weird ? Do i look like I’m about to eat you up? Do i look like a pervert?

With that in mind, i went through the past few weeks, recalling my experience having to meet new friends at a house party. My intention was clear. To hang out with my friends.
Get to know new friends and just have one hell of a good time. I recalled taking photos, striking a conversation with someone new. I tried recalling how i say it, how i started it, and how i look at them. Not every single part of me consciously feels like I’m about to have a bad intention. Someone slipped and fall to the floor because of some spill. I worry someone else might fall over so without no hassle, i ask the owner for some towels to cover up the floor.

I can’t help someone up and be nice Otherwise I’m different. Do i need to show that I’m not a nice guy to prove that I’m not trying to be different. Shall i not smile, open the door for someone, cheer someone up, help in any way possible to make things comfortable?

Do you have a hunch about someone who might be ‘too nice’ . I believe that there’s no such thing. There’s nice with either the right or wrong intention. A doubt like this which i believe is common in the ‘safe zone’ where everyone is just very careful about people trying to be nice, because the common perception of nice needs to come with a reason and price. For others, they might feel like trying to be nice would make others think differently of them, and so nobody tries to be nice.

I just hope that one day, more people would be able to open up to believe that being nice is a chain reaction. There’s isn’t a need to worry about being nice to others. A book i read once quoted,

“Treat someone the same way you want to be treated”

and i hold on to that quote for as long as I can remember it because that’s what makes me want to do something about.

Give it a try and you might see some change in this world.
Till next time