What I Learnt from Visiting My Relatives In the Kampung

Walking down that gravel road

I recently went on a short trip to Ayer Hitam in Malaysia to visit my a relative. I’ve been told by my parents that I was going to a kampung place (a small Malay village) , but I can’t remember anyone from there. The last time I visited the place was a toddler at the age of 5.

I never had thought of going to visit them because I was unfamiliar with their location, and unsure who they were. However that particular day, my parents drove grandma and I and all the way to Ayer Hitam, across the Tuas border and into Malaysia and reached our destination hour and a half later.

kampung house

My relative’s house

sunset with roads

The sunset at Ayer Hitam

The path linking from the main road was a small road and it can hardly fit two cars. One has to give way to another. Most of the areas was surrounded by trees of all kinds and some planted by their owners. The place had electrical cables running along poles on the side of the main road. It was a peaceful sight.

Standing in the middle of the road

Standing in the middle of the road

I  had never seen my relatives, my grandma’s brother’s wife. She lives alone while her son is out serving the army in Johor which is also a few hours away. The moment we saw each other and said hi,  I could see the relieve in her face and smile in her eyes and she hugged me really tight.

I must have somehow create an impact in her life back then. I couldn’t remember her, but she could remember me. I felt that I missed out on the people who knew me back when I was a kid.

Outside Ayer Hitam house

Having to be born in a fast paced country where technology and economy is fast on the rise and growing, I don’t have to really worry about electrical shortage, clean water or having a good environment.

Though the place I went wasn’t as bad as i mentioned on top,  it made me realise how lucky I must have been to be born in a green environment, good and steady development , good smooth roads, easy water access, having to have WIFI* easily accessible.

I’m near to the people I care about, and at least about an hour away the most in my own country.

Story Grandma Would Tell Me

She would tell stories of our history as we came from a poor family, how she had the need to tie pocket money coins for school in a handkerchief for my mum so tightly worrying that it might drop, that my mum couldn’t even open the knot when she wanted to buy food for recess break.

She told me of stories of how they would walk miles along the train tracks, just to send my mum to school, with my uncle on her side, and my aunt strapped on her shoulder. She would work in a factory like other workers would, but to earn extra cash, she went to wash the worker’s clothes, clean her boss house and took care of their place.

I still recall some hard moments  in her eyes and she express herself out to me, and I see it in this woman that she has gone through a lot to get to where she is today.

It made me realise and reflect, on how I should treasure what i have now.

I’ve yet to understand how the history of my generation of family have gone from the past till now. I would consider myself really lucky. Hopefully I would one day return a favor and help to make the generation of my family live a better life.

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Why I went to Malaysia For a Good Hangout Session ?

Visiting Johor Malaysia For Movies and Food

Visiting Johor Malaysia For Movies and Food

Recently, I went for a short trip to the neighbour country, Johor, Malaysia, with my group of fun buddies to hang out.

We started our journey of crossing the border, and headed towards the City Square, well-known shopping centre, you can’t miss it if you’re coming in from Singapore.

We purchased tickets to watch Pacific Rim, by far the best robot movie I’ve ever watched truly , and we went to break fast at a nearby restaurant, Singgah Selalu.

Comparing the cost of the movie tickets prices here in Singapore and In Malaysia, I can say that it does make a difference.

The price of the ticket we went to watch over at City Square was about RM$8 which is about S$4, considering that a really good deal because I remember having to pay about S$7.50 here in my area.

We did stop by an arcade before the start of our movie, so like curious boys we went and release the inner kid in us.

After that whole scene, and the watching the movie, it was already past our break fast time. Didn’t expect the movie to end late, but that didn’t stop us from going our intended direction.

We decided to take a cab to Singgah Slalu Restaurant which took about 10 mins from where we were, and the cab charge was a decent RM$8-12(one way) , depending on how the driver chooses to go, it was still okay because we shared it amongst ourselves.

Singgah Selalu Restaurant

Singgah Selalu Restaurant

I had the chance to savour the Singgah Selalu Fried Rice, a Teh O’ Limau and Roti John that adds up to only about $RM 15, which if I convert to SGD currency roughly about S$7.That’s actually a pretty good food deal. We were all so full by the time we finish. It was my first time trying out the Black Pepper deer meat and it tasted really good.

We spent about RM$90 altogether which we divide together equally, because we’re happy with sharing our food.

More photos from the day.

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If there was something that I can say about the day it would be

  1. It was worth the money ( I had only $30 with me and spent $20 in altogether for movies, food and more food to bring back home with )
  2. It was good fun. (It feels great to just chill back, relax and enjoy a good dinner with friends)

In overall, I recommend you to try this doing this with your own group of friends.

What do you think of this? Have you done something similar?


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In the Event of a Haze, Singapore.

I understand that Singapore and Malaysia has been affected by Indonesia’s Haze, and everyone is going on and over it.

From We Are Social.

In fact, i just found out that the recent haze was made so known so much through social media, that people around the world are starting to find out what is this ‘Singapore’ or even trying to understand where Singapore is in the world map, and no, Singapore isn’t in China, nor is it Korean.

Not sure if true (found it here), but from what I’ve also heard respiratory masks are crashing  Amazon Market servers due to  buyers eager to find other alternatives after local markets of the masks are sold out, can i just say i hope you understand, Singapore and its ‘kiasuness‘.

Singapore News About Haze

The way I see it,  it feels like when I do search and crawl about Singapore news, the main highlight is the haze. Haze here, there, everywhere. I really understand the need to know about what is done with the haze issue, what was discussed among Singapore and Indonesia’s representatives. I really appreciate the news trying to ‘console’ the rage of certain Singaporeans, and what some schools companies have done to alleviate the problems when PSI’s was high.

Let’s look at this in a positive thinking and put the blame aside, Singapore. Lets help ourselves by thinking of other alternatives or ways of making ourselves productive and positive in the event of a haze.

Things you can do while Indoors.

  • Clean the house. I think its really how we see it. Use the time we have trying to avoid the haze particles, to find time to see what could be done better to improve the situation of our own house. Rearranging cabinets, or make time to clean that dusty fan in your room that’s been there for years. Check your aircon and clean it, it might already be dusty due to the haze.
  • Cook. Its a good day to have closed ones around you. What’s better then connecting and bonding with them by having a special dinner, in commemoration of having to be positive about the haze.
  • Watch TV. It’s been awhile maybe since you had gather all your closed ones together. Time for some TV, or movie at home. Probably a hot warm chocolate to help make you feel better during cold hazy nights.

How about those who still needs to go out and work then?

Things you can do when you’re outside

  • Be more conscious. Be aware of the surroundings around you, because visibility is poor, you won’t know what’s coming, drivers.
  • Wear a mask. Prevention is the key. I understand how annoying it is or maybe how ‘uncool’ wearing a mask is, but health is important, even if you have super awesome lung capabilities or strong defence system in your body.
  • Reduce the need to stay outdoors. Try to stay indoors as much as you can. If your job requires you to stay outdoors, then be extra concerned about your body and health. Drink water.
  • Smile. The haze might be affecting your mood, so smiling with your colleagues help make your day a little bit better. Have you seen those funny haze adverts they have been creating, yes see that.

Things you can do in overall

Lets pray and hope for the safety of the people who still have to keep the nation running, those who requires to be out in the haze, and those who’s involved with reporting news in Jakarta. Lets make this a nation wide effort, to consider helping those in need during these time of crisis.

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A Trip to JB.

The trip that lasted a day, though it was short was very pleasing indeed. It feels good to step out from the usual days and take a trip across the border. Planned by my relatives, we were staying at Puteri Pacific Hotel. Added in, it was a trip that which was sponsored by my aunt so it worth the stay.

Rooms was nice though, comfy beds definitely. Even if they had some upgrading works at the time being so no swimming pool, the gathering in rooms, the spirit of enjoying each other’s company in the rooms, watching TV, eating on the floor, diving towards the bed upon opening to room door for the first time. It felt like it triggered a memory of the past, when we were all still very young, my cousins and I.

Walked in City Square Shopping Mall for what felt like the hundredth time, because we practically go there before going to the hotel, after going to the hotel, the next day after we slept, and even after we’re about to go home.

Before heading home, we checked out, and went for karaoke session, and WOW. It’s definitely something I’ve never expected before.

It feels like a meeting room, like a room meant for i don’t know, you know those old films where they have like a (gangster*) clan, and where the bosses will sit in the middle and like there’ll be 4 girls on their sides, and the clan leaders will be feeling like a boss?!* and saying ‘ yeah drinks on me.

This room can actually i guess fit like more than 20 people, 2 TV’s, can’t see the other side, and the food is good too . 🙂 Oh wait, there’s your own personal toilet in the room. 😀

So here’s just in case you feel like wanting to experience something similar, or if you happen to have a hardcore dying clan of karaoke cliques waiting to battle it out, here’s the link to the page for this place.
Neway’s KB

After hours of plenty good fun, it was great to be with my relatives, grandma, cousins, and family. Wish there was more of of these types of gatherings. Overall, I had a really good time, right before starting school 🙂