Look at your hand.


Yes indeed.  Taking a closer look at your hand, it shows the resemblance, it is these hands that put you to work, to touch, to build roads, bridges and buildings, to write, to send and receive. To learn more and to move and change the world. It works hand in hand with the mind at its best. When i look at mine, and say it to myself, “I’m the creator of my own destiny, I feel a sense of motivation to want to do something and that deep connection with myself makes it even more appreciative to know that, I’m here, I have these, I can do something about myself and make a big difference . Make use of it, and be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Be the creator of your own destiny.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Type of person inspires

The type of person that inspires me is someone who has the ability to change the world. I get inspired looking at people who is strongly motivated to achieve their goals in life, and also is an alpha. Someone who is willing to put others before their own self, and also able to reach out to people, who is willing to give advices, and share their experiences.