5 Reasons Men shouldn’t ask Ladies for movies on the First Date

Its the same move in the same old book of dating , once you invite someone out for a movie date, you might want to get cosy and see if it works.

Couple watching movieIt is the most easiest part of having to go for a date, because you don’t have to spend so much effort to go out for a movie, but lets face it. Ladies in this new era has more expectations, thanks to real men out there who never fails to surprise them with new plans for their first date.

I once went out on a date and recommended her my ‘die die must watch’ show, but then i saw her busy sending Whatsapp messages over the phone for the past 30 mins. To me, that moment felt that she wasn’t interested or enjoying the movie at all.

I was right when she told me the movie was okay. It ended there.

Yeah, I’ve had my own share of ‘bad movie dates’.

So then what could have gone wrong?

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