Daily Question By Thought Questions : I see opportunities


Everywhere I go, I’m able to see opportunities. For example, at home, I see the opportunity of cleaning my room, when I’m down my area, I see the opportunity of me driving a car on the path which signals me to get a driving license fast, I see the opportunity of talking to my neighbor when I go out so that next time, I don’t feel so awkward and feel so lonely or should when I need help.

Sometimes, for some reason we’re just not totally conscious about what we do. Our mind is somewhere else, on the phone, running through your plans in our mind and we actually neglect the positive aura that’s coming from our surrounding. The wind, the sound of trees, the green grass, I mean, it’s good that grasses don’t come in weird colors that hurts the eye. Green is good for grass. Probably someone in the street who requires help, a piece of land that you feel you would be able to use to make into something useful, a broken down machine that you can repair, a volunteering organization that requires your need.

Okay, so the next time you feel conscious, take some time to actually enjoy your surrounding. Learn how to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of the trees growing around your neighborhood and such. Through that I believe you can actually see opportunities around you.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Practice The Patience

One thing I need to learn how to practice is patience. Its probably just the nature of me trying to go all fast and make sure that things goes as plan, but I actually notice that when I’m getting a rush at everything, I don’t get things done well, so maybe if I just hold on, and be more patient, I might see a different point of view of the things surrounding me and even do a good job at it.

How about you ? What do you need to practice more often?