Daily Prompt: Silver Linings

When I ponder at the thought of Silver Linings, the ‘grey’ that’s considered to be something that’s ugly, yet at the same time trying to find the beauty in it, the things that come to my mind, is in a person’s heart and feelings.

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The ugly side that our hearts feel that are bound to destroy – eliminate, revenge, what do I mean? A few things to think about?

Have we taken into consideration of the person we choose to eliminate out from a group, denying his/her existence, just because they’re not like us. That’s ugly, but its a true fact, and every once in awhile we can’t deny that. Revenge, probably due to a small misunderstanding, but we don’t take it further to actually think about it, but instead react on purely emotions, purposely causing harm to another, pretended to blame an innocent sibling or friend, on something that was meant to be our own.

Have we screamed at our parents or friends, throw tantrums or engage in a staring incident, or even turn violent into another one like us, and everything else that comes after turns to a bloody mess. War. Crime. Suicide.

Yet, while understanding the nature of our heart and feelings that we can make me destroy, comes a pure bliss of graciousness and kindness. The ability to create – peace, happiness and love.

A sense of hope, deriving from the utmost strength that we choose to give out of our willingly small yet magnifique beating heart.
Our heart beautifies our world with the skills we have. Whether its complimenting someone at work, helping a friend in need. Happiness, even at the smallest of smiles to the loudest of laughters, embraces each and every living soul, giving us hope to know that our world is not all made of inhumanity.

Realising the things that we can do to create a canvas of unlimited possibilities.

Charity. Saving Lives, Making a Change.

Ain’t that a beautiful sight to see. The change does one small heart makes to change the universe that surrounds it.



Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

If your government (local or national) accomplishes one thing in 2013, what would you like that to be?

Today’s prompt.

Dear leader, if there was a thing i’d like you to accomplish in 2013, i’d ask you to be more open minded and more creative.
I see the fact that our country is greatly a good economic country and one of the best when it comes to $$$.

but just like a typical man, who’s very very obsessed with money and so protective of itself , the fact that mostly everything that is secure makes life boring. Not to say that its not good, but i think there’s a need for the creative side of the brain to work now. Pay more attention to making the country expressive rather than money making, (sure we need economics still.)

Promote culture, heritage, music, arts. Well we have diversity, we need to bring up something unique.

I see my country ,Singapore as a fine nation but surely there’s something that could be done to improve the overall aspect of a country. We need to take that stand and do something.
The whole country would benefit from it as we allow ourselves to pour out the expressive, emotions that we have kept to ourselves.

Nothing would please me more to see our own music arise from our own country.