Truth that we hide

Here’s an impromptu poem to express the truth that we choose to hide in ourselves. To pretend to be fine outside but not really inside. To put on an act by not being ourselves.

plastic mannequin expressing a fake person

The world isn’t what it seems,
when what’s hidden is the reality,
and the figure that represents your voice
is just another top-notch mannequin

We’re following the product
produced by product’s maker,
which is left behind,
struggling to meet its deadlines.

Broken into pieces,
when you stare in the bathroom mirror
and it says, look here’s what I think,
the real you brings the glass to shatters

Be true to oneself,
not to the one you pretend you are.
Speak for oneself,
not to the repeat button on the voice recorder.

Looking up to the sky

Every once a while i look up to the sky
wondering about the things that comes by
the skies plays a skit travelling back in time
the clouds making images of recollection times

The ones that was lost soon began to unfold,
because truth to be told, it was always there in one’s soul
I tend to avoid the things that I don’t want to see,
but little that i know, that the things plays a part of being me.

I breathed in deep and i let out a big sigh,
open my arms and spread my hands out wide
listen to the silence that goes through my mind
connect to the sound that the world helps to define

Accept that things are meant what it is to be,
accept the ups and downs of reality,
i look down to the ground, walk with a smile,
that 10 seconds of thought made it all worthwhile.

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Thoughts for Future.

These legs is killing me,
But my heart says its bound to be
when work has become responsibility
when surviving depends much on money.

These thighs are aching,
less playing,slowly its fading
working so I’m saving
in the future might need a wedding ring.

Every penny saved is a penny earned.
Financial freedom is what i yearn,
I wish to take care of my self when I’m old,
Don’t wish to trouble when the night gets cold.

Able to pay for medicines, when i turned grandpa
Don’t you wish the same for your wife when she turned grandma?
Hold on to the thoughts, and make time now
so that in the future, difficult i would  definitely understand how.

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see the world in history.

How do you see the world
experience tells each person a different story,
one might feel cold
while the other feels glory.

appreciate what you have
put it in your hand
stop complaining about each self
think of others and you shall understand.

the world is peaceful people can make it cruel,
we give a helping hand so each of us save a little.
life’s too short to think of misery, but what we need is at least some empathy,
to live in this world beautifully.
with all hand in hand as we make history.

You and I.

You and I ,
we’re similar in some ways,
what brings us close, was the things we shared.
We shared an connection
only few would understand,
our eyes speak, we don’t have to pretend.

What attracts me is your passion
What’s life, when beauty is the only exception

but what a guy needs, is a lioness
to calm his life in when the cold wind blows
to share the summer, autumn and snow.
to live in bliss, and live round the world..

You remind me of smiles i had years ago
you make me think of we smiling in a photo.


Thinking about Life

the night so cold,
its blunt and so does the surrounding atmosphere unfolds,
into a different zone where the silence gets evenly old.

I stared on the empty ceiling of my room
and though the light is bright, I think I’ll just assume
that my life is not path with the history clock
and thinking why isn’t my life working the way it wanted ,maybe cause its blocked.

After thinking throughout, what i think might be about
I take a good look, deep breaths i let out
Look back at others,unfortunate what they went through
things that I didn’t really got caught into.

So I rest my case down,
cause life has its way and it will turn around
there’s mountains to climbs and there’s time to jump of a waterfall
and so i take that as life’s greatest gift cause I treasure it all.