Daily Prompt: From the Collection of the Artist

It’s the year 2113. A major museum is running an exhibition on life and culture as it was in 2013. You’re asked to write an introduction for the show’s brochure. What will it say?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RETROSPCTIVE.

Welcome to the 2113 Look back a Decade Mega Exhibition

2113, not born without technology
reminding us of the 21st century
a decade has passed, reliving our history
Might our forefathers were for believing in destiny

We were born and feed with real food in our tables,
the road had cars, now extinct in our stables
the world was connected through series of cables,
governments rise and fall for they’re unstable

We learn through the crying
the planet was aching
animals and plants on news we hear them dying

When we stayed united
a plan was initiated
survive we must, other worlds we confided

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Daily Prompt: You, the Sandwich

If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. 

The burgers out of all the other burgers, will be named the Stoner Burger. It packs a punch that makes you want to sit there stoning and enjoying every oomph bite.

The duo stacking thick beef covered with melting cheese that oozes out each time you decide to put your mouth in, will make you wonder why you’ve ever want to eat anywhere else,

Fresh juicy tomatoes and crunched lettuces giving you the natural classic burger wrapped in a layer of fried egg that goes in between the thick beef. Patties with soft tender quality bread, that’s easy to deal but still huge in size.

Served with huge french fries, and a good warm mash potato, by the time you’re done, you’ll be Stoning in your seat.


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Daily Prompt: Party Animals (?)

After spending time with a group of people, do you feel energized and ready for anything or do you want to hide in the corner with a good book?

You know, after spending time with a group of people, sometimes it really feels kinda both. At times, I will feel like I’m ready to do explore more with this group that I have because it feels great to be around them. It makes me feel appreciated to know that there are people around me who’s willing to spend time to go out and have fun, and that’s where the energy kicks in

Yet at the same time it does feel like after there’s too much of people, that you just feel it’s too much to handle. Maybe also because there isn’t much to talk about. At that point of time, I’ll take out a book and catch up on reading.

Inspired by Daily Prompt

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Daily Prompt: Shape Up or Ship Out

Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical, or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.

Inspired by the Daily Prompts.

Dear Choosy,

I am so concerned for you. How have you been coming along ? I remembered having to deal with you recently on what to do on Sunday night.

I kinda wish that you would just let me decide, and not come back and interfere me every time I’ve made my decision, and come up with 36743532678 more plans.

Some days, I miss you. I can still recall having to choose over so many pants and shirts over at Uniqlo, the walk to Bugis Street, and having to want to buy all the things in the store, yet you stop me. You saved me from the wicked offer sales that’s bound to test the humanity of mankind, and for that I can’t thank you enough.

I do however want to emphasise on a point. I wish you would shape up and not to be choosy when it comes to finding a partner. It has blown the juice out of me, having to go out on a nice date, then having you put my ‘flaws’ scanner into play.  At least if you can’t be a little less choosy, then don’t come at all.

I have adapted to your kind survival kit reflexes, when it comes to money-making, but relationships is not one of them. Let me sink in deep for a little, without having to think of how she’s not so magical, or one that I’ll get problems with.

I sometimes despise your connection with Mr Perfect and Mr Bored, having them to make me feel bad during certain days, thinking that you’re all part of a mafia ready to conquer every time I’m awake.

I hope not, because then I’ll have to ship you out, and that feeling is not worth it cause you’re still a friend I want to have during rainy days.



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Daily Prompt: Say Your Name

Today’s Daily Prompt

Write about your first name: Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

Nasri. My full name is Nasri Nasir, ‘Nasir’ being my dad’s name. That’s how they normally do it. My name goes first, then my father’s name.

Nazri Nasir teaching Secondary School Kids

Nazri Nasir teaching Secondary School Kidsvia http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4047/4463849273_bb163f651d.jpg 

I’ve a few stories behind my name. Mum told me that they named me after a guy called Nazri Nasir, a retired football player in Singapore whom i believe was popular among the Soccer community, in Singapore. I knew very little of him except that he was quite the legend, winning a few tournaments in Asia.

I think back then, my parents might have look up to him, and since the name was so popular,  my dad ‘Nasir’ decides to give me that name, except changing the Z with and S, but why? I have no idea. Maybe it might sound nicer, or unique, or could have been because they wanted me to be a soccer player, a legend.

My dad used to be a goalkeeper back during his younger days, that’s what he said, or at least that’s what I know so far, maybe that’s why he named me that way. It could also be because my name and his name, is just switching the letter ” I and R “.

I think i have to say, not all kids are given a chance to be wanted by their parents to play soccer, but my parents used to send me over for soccer school training, when i was at 9 or so, but being the so ‘lost in my own world’ type of person, i found talking to the birds near the soccer field during training much more interesting then playing soccer itself, eventually having me lost interest in the game and not attending the classes, and so i guess they’ve agreed then that I’m not a ‘soccer’ person. (Sorry Mum and Dad! )

In Arabic, Nasri would mean ‘of Victory’ , that’s what I managed to found out. If that was what they thought of when trying to find me a name, then that would be a really amazing name. Of Victory!

Victory it shall be, by the power invested in me,  the name of Nasri’ you shall be victorious!

Also, when meeting newly met strangers who ask me what’s my name, I would answer “Nasri” and responses i might get would be like, “you mean like the famous soccer, Samir Nasri?”

I would gladly then say “yeah like that Samir Nasri”

and even though I’m not much of a soccer person, I do occasionally support the guy who m I’ve the same name with, whom used to be with Arsenal back then, though now he’s with Manchester City. Still support Arsenal though when there’s a show going on.

So, in theory, does having a name ‘Nasri’ links to soccer?

I’ve decided to take a step further to find out, if other ‘Nasri’s out there’ are soccer players, and

and photographer with the name Nasri

and a lebanese classical singer with the name of Nasri . See I’m not alone!

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Daily Prompt: Switcheroo

The daily prompt asks

If you could switch blogs with any blogger for a week, with whom would you switch and why?

Kosovar kids

Kosovar kids (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If I was given a week, I would like to write for someone who helps other people, goes around the world for a cause, and for a change. I think that would be really helpful. I could do my best to write how he or she does, and post it on their behalf, maybe someone similar to Lifeoutofthebox.

I think I’d like to try being the blogger who’s constantly interacting with people helping out the people in need. I’d like to try to help out with bullying problems, kids who needs education, in need of better medical facilities, and update his or her readers on about real time situations.

Why? I feel that because these people are really just amazing bloggers, who are willing to go to such an extent to give themselves out to the world. They could be the one who makes little or makes a lot of difference, yet still they’re constantly engaging readers to know, updating readers by probably helping to raise fund.By connecting them with other readers to create awareness, I think that would make opportunity for even more help.

I think that wouldn’t just make a great blog to read and post, but also a good journey in life that I would like to experience. Putting a smile on their faces 🙂

I might not be able to travel the world now, but hopefully one day when the time comes, I would love to just go around, and make a change.

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Daily Prompt: Goals

The daily prompt for today!

im really happy for today’s question because it allowed me to go back in time to see how i first started my blog, and how was it like posting back then. I shall use this as a life lesson to improve on my writing skills! 🙂

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

The starting of the blog was set up of with a goal to help ease the mind, especially, when it felt like I needed to share things. It’s the reason why I have been blogging. To be able to reach into my thoughts and express it out in words has been a main factor, is why I’ve created the blog.

When I was at the age of 10, i used to keep a diary, and write about my all feelings, the recent breakup, I scribble and drew, talking about the best moments in life. The diary didn’t really give me so much options, except helping me to express, and yet still it didn’t feel so good. So i created a blog, to share and hopefully out of the millions of people here, one would stumble across my page, and that would have felt really good. Someone knowing.

I had been with Blogger since 2004, posting on every day life, and at that point of time, I didn’t really took into consideration about what I posted, because it was actually meant for me to just post something. At times, I could have been blogging about what I’m doing, and some other days, it was mainly just pictures and random thoughts. I had started a few categories, so I ventured out to look for any other blog sites, such as WordPress, LiveJournal, Wix, and a few more sites.

I was really impressed at the WordPress method of managing the blog through by being able to assign to different categories efficiently. It first seem foreign, but eventually I managed to make my way through.

Right after the big move from Blogger to WordPress with the start of the first post in June 15, 2011, I began a new chapter.

As the time pass, I’ve decided to try experimenting with different type of categories, trying to blog about food, advices, fiction stories, and about weight management, daily questions by a site called thought questions, and now the daily prompts section by Daily Post.

Things did come and go, and at some point of time, I  didn’t manage keep my posts on certain categories active, and when i find that it’s hard to write about something, it always came back to talk about life and just sharing stories, about what you know and how you feel.

If i were to put in comparison, what I’ve written in 2011, and in 2013, I would say, I previously have had more photos, and more sharing sessions in the past. Expression was filled with photos because, ‘photos gave a clearer view and was a good way to express what i went through’.

I took the chance to turn something that was simple, and try to see where I can go with blogging. To be honest, there were times, when it just didn’t feel right, “this is not something i like to do”. that kind.

My smaller goals change from time to time, but my main goal didn’t change. To express and ease my mind. To be able to share.

update! *

I used to have these on my previous blog, but i couldn’t find it anymore, the only left remained was gif’s and banners i used to make for the blogger long time ago that somehow left me with some sense of surprise how I really went to customise my blog.


How bout you? 🙂

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