How to Keep Your Charger Cables Nice and Safe

Tangled wires whenever you try to take your chargers for your laptops, cameras, handphones out from the bag, its annoying, i can really understand you. Wires also have a tendency to spoil if you don’t coil/ tie them properly, and the next thing you know, there it goes into the rubbish pile.

I once tried to put these wires together by using those metallic twist ties, but  I keep losing them whenever i take them out, or its just not that nice either because I have to keep twisting, and it might one day wear out. I had to find another solution. The thing that came to my mind, The Amazing Velcro.

Yes, it came to me suddenly. Long gone were the days when I carried textbooks together wrapped with those long velcro straps in my arms. Still it was so effective, because then I won’t lose them. Why didn’t i think of this before earlier?! That would have saved some money for Ice Cream! 

Velcro  Wire Straps

Velcro Wire Straps

I went to Home Fix to get these very handy straps.
I believe I got them only for about $5, in a bundle of 15 pieces. (it was a long time ago, it came in a plastic wrapper , so i can’t recall) which was a pretty nice deal considering its usefulness.

How to Tie Wire Chargers  Macbook and Camera Charger

How to Tie Wire Chargers Macbook and Camera Charger

Here’s how I use them for my Macbook Pro Charger and my camera Charger.

It fits nicely, easy to take out or put back on. I don’t have to worry about losing them, because coiling around the wire is a breeze . Its like having a  little handy-dandy pen slot on the side of your notebook.

If you want to know how I tie my cables together, I actually found this helpful video by Andy Traub that talks about how to keep your charger cables nicely on the Vimeo link below.

I hope my post has been insightful!

and last but not least, here’s a song for you!

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A direction for the Blog

I’ve been thinking lately, on what I should focus on for my blog. There are so many bloggers out there with different kind of blogs.

*Blog Update

Food blog, travel blog, lifestyle blog (which talks about life i guess, but still i don’t really know what it is), family, parenting, news blog (which i find interesting to read but i don’t want my blog to be a newspaper all the way because it’s so personal) is just a few of them.

If i were to blog about news all the time, then it wouldn’t portray much of what I’m experiencing and more of what everyone else is experiencing. (too much?)

It seems like I don’t feel the same with their blogs and mine because it felt like there are   different ways of showcasing one’s blog . Even till now, I think having to always write about things like how a personal writer would about their life  a diary rather than a blogger who showcases themselves and connects with more audience just feels different. It’s also probably be because I’ve been trying to implement some of the blogging methods, which feel a little foreign to me. (Thinking of pictures, step-by-step procedures, thinking of social media, and how to connect with more people, not easy really.) Maybe after the years that I’ve been spending blogging, I’ve built a connection for the blog, and seeing it go out of direction just makes me go a little bit nervous.

So how then? I still need to do something about it,  I was thinking of doing something that I’ll enjoy doing.  Going through other bloggers website, seeing their different categories and wondering about how I can then describe my blog more easily, I’ve come up with a direction to aim for by looking at what I’d like to do.

I like big events, it really gets one into the mood, getting into backstage passes, or meeting cool people and interviewing them , sometimes i wish i could do that!

I aim to blog about more events by taking good quality photos of the event , get comments and views, and allowing myself to plan time to go for those events.

I plan to blog about events that helps with creating more awareness, or more connecting with audience about really interesting things.

I like to do more personal reviews, because i feel that it’s good to share what’s nice and what’s not.

I aim to give reviews unbiased along with true content  which would help other readers with making their choices and decisions.


I might have something else in mind, but it’s still in a mist, but these are the few things I’ll blog about.


Live the better life while Tweeting

live the better life while tweeting

Stress comes into play, minds in shock, unable to move nor think. Dumbfounded. The world that we choose to believe sucks our brain, and takes form of another alternate side of us. The non-productive state of us, and the non-beneficial part of our life, choose to reside on the twitter app on our phone.

Complains, tons of them, piled up like pieces of paper that reaches the world’s tallest building but actions none taken. Social media has been made to engage with people through expressions and ability to share with billions  yet we choose to express the wrong type of impression.

We can’t blame ourselves for what we do, because we already feel bad, so we share it with the world because we feel bad, but little did we know, that a spread of sadness comes with a consequence far beyond measures.

Have someone tweet ‘It sucks today’, and having it retweeted across every other friends in the list, sooner or later, someone else who felt like they’re not having a good time, retweet that, and then what, you’ll have a whole nation saying, ‘it sucks today’. Influence are strong, especially with hashtags available these days.

Look inside each person deep enough and you can see that he/she churns out an aura that reflects the way we feel. Two person stepped into a puddle of water and then turned out to get pooped by a bird. Both feel bad, One choose to act in with a chilled out persona and let it go while another chooses to act with a bossy, complain-king persona. Which one would you rather spend time with?

It’s simple if one applies it visually. A person surrounding a group of friends gives out an aura that will affect the person around them. Show them how funny you are, and in return they will laugh with you, and enjoy your day. Talk to them about your boring life, how you had the worse day of all, and they wouldn’t most likely even feel like enjoying themselves, instead maybe ignore, or feel pitiful for you. They might cheer you up, because that’s what you need, it makes you feel a little bit better, but you realize then that the whole day’s highlight has been spent trying to make you feel better.

What if there’s no friends to attend to you then? What if you dont feel better stilll?

What if we can change all that bad feeling into a good feeling and make you feel better by your own? You might be wondering what the hell am I talking about.

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t tweet about how you feel, tweet all you want, but try this.

For every bad feeling you feel, have a change of mindset. Instead of tweeting, ‘Its so bad today, god i feel like im going to die ^$#(*% FML.’ or the ‘weather sucks! Now i can’t go out as planned! #sadlife #FML ‘

Turn it into positive or more encouraging words such as ‘There’s up and downs in life, I’m not going to let it bring me down #positive’ or ‘Even if things didn’t go as planned, I shall find something productive to do. In the mean time, rain please go away! #chill’

It’s hard to accept it but it’s not impossible. It might even sound unnatural or goody-good but it works. I’ve had my share of bad times, but I could never choose to display them negatively, not because I was not expressive, or afraid of knowing what people might think of me, but because I was mindful towards how my actions would make them feel.

Even if things doesn’t really change the fact that what happened has already happened, it does make a huge difference to how one feel at the end of the day. Not only will you feel much better, you might also cheer up someone at the other side who might be having a bad day and reading your tweets.

With that, i hope you reconsider reading your tweets, and how it sounds like, or how it would affect the others around you, and make it your own life-changing persona.

A good aura attracts a positive crowd, while a bad aura attracts the negative crowd.

Have a nice day. When everything feels wrong, we move along.



What I learn watching Movies alone in the Cinema

I went on a movie marathon alone last Monday. I’d like to share what i know.

It was 9:30am in the morning. The decision was final. I could have just close these eyes and fall asleep into the comfort of the pillow waiting beneath my heavy brain.

Mum woke me up from sleep, the usual routine she would have done on days she came by my place.

Adhering to her questions, ‘what are you doing today? , and that question took me back to a day before.

Plans, no plans. Scroll Facebook, text friends. Nope no reply to my call on a movie. Guess everyone’s busy. Nope he’s not answering to my call, she’s busy What to do? Oh change of plans.Cancel, Shit. Annoyed. Stay at home and do nothing. Chill. Another change of plans. Crap. This is enough. STOP.

Hope that brings some meaning to the decision I’ve made.
Enough is enough. If I’m going to watch movie, I am going to do this with or without.

Breaking into my comfort zone of needing to have a friend to watch a movie, i keep telling questioning myself asking why do i need to wait for people and suffer my desires of watching a movie?


And there it goes.
A movie marathon alone for a whole Monday,  It felt great because those movies that i wanted to watch was finally cleared. I managed to watch ‘After Earth‘ in the morning, lunch and  followed by ‘Man of Steel‘ at noon, and finally ‘Now You See Me‘ in the afternoon and I can say the experience was all good.

So with all that experience, i guess that will also help you decide if you’re in my situation

Advantages of watching movies alone

  1. No restrictions to what movies you can watch. Having to be able catch a movie you want and then not having to be able to watch it because maybe your friend doesn’t like it doesn’t sound prominent at all.
  2. You don’t have to be waiting for friends. Sometimes they’re late, or change plans last-minute.
  3. You are alone which means, you can fully concentrate watching your movie with no one to bother you. Actually even if you’re in the movies with your friends, people are hardly talking to each other, unless they want you to pass the popcorn.
  4. You get to watch your movie
  5. Learn to be independent
  6. Make new friends, perhaps if you happen to see another solo movie go-er.

Disadvantages of watching movies alone

  1. Most likely you’ll feel conscious about how others are not alone, and you are.
  2. You can’t really talk about what’s going on with friends, if you’re the kind of person who likes to talk and watch at te same time, (but hey it makes good conversations on other days)
  3. No hugs if you’re afraid, chance to get hugs if partner’s afraid. 😀

Watching the movies alone, really taught me a valuable lesson. I feel that honestly the society’s thinking is still having a weird perception of people who watches movies alone, and I think we can change that.

It’s not lonely or sad to watch, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t watch with our friends whenever we can. I can say, that it’s a balance between both. We shouldn’t let our friends decision control whether we should watch a movie. If I want to watch a movie, I’ll watch it.




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5 tips to an ‘Easier Start’

There’s a really important meeting starting soon, there’s a new interview you’re applying to, meeting on a date with someone new, or perhaps you just happen to feel like you need to somehow start your day feeling a less of a burden, without a weight on your back.

I feel you, and to be honest even I have had the toughest of days.There’s things holding us back, but sometimes we’re just not too sure what it is, or simply we ‘forget’ to do things like this.

There are 5 simple tips that I would like to share with you, that I normally would use for helping me start my day better.


Packing (Photo credit: CEThompson)

#Tip 1 : Plan ahead

I think this is really the most simple and efficient way to get things done, but sometimes I feel that we tend to neglect. We happen to be going to work tomorrow, but we neglect the time to prepare our clothes to wear beforehand, and to excuse ourselves, ‘there’s still time tomorrow to wake up and find what i want to wear’ , and waking up late tomorrow spoils that plan.

If you have something on, prepare it before hand. Get ready your stuffs in the bag, or at least somewhere you would normally go and reach to before leaving the house.

#Tip 2: Recall things 

P psychology

P psychology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recalling is a good technique I normally use to help me get on track. Try to recall what happen the few days before generally, and put that into storage. It may help you to get back on par with what you could have left unfinished, or perhaps someone you’ve met that you might need to contact. If you’re in a meeting, try and recall the person you had the meeting with, if you’re in a date, try and remember what was ‘his/her’ name and whether you might want to meet up again. If you’re going to work, try and recall the last time you head to work, and how you have did the day.

Another way to do this would be to use a reminder, to I have yet to do, and for that I’m using Any.Do. You may choose to check that out in your mobile store, it’s available for Android, Iphone, and Chrome users.

#Tip 3 : Visualise before Action

A lot of professional people does this. It may sound weird, or not even make sense at first, but its been proven otherwise. Great athletes, visualise how they would run a race, shoot the ball, hit the bat. Visualisation is the key that helps to  unlock the potential in one’s mind.
Being prepared not just physically, but mentally.

I choose to do this before going to work. The day before or morning after waking up, i would stop whatever I’m doing, visualise how I’m going to work, and pretend to have a scene where I was doing my best job, working happily, and everything was good and how i wanted it to be. This has definitely help me a lot, especially for Mondays. I hardly ever get the ‘Monday’ Blues when it comes to work, because i don’t feel that way.

#Tip 4 : Sleep enough

Baby gorilla having a sleep on his mother

Baby gorilla having a sleep on his mother (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t emphasise this enough. It’s really that important. I have to admit, even i don’t sleep enough sometimes, but i realise that whenever i am able to sleep enough, my next day wouldn’t be as tiresome as other days. An average child would need 10-12 hours of sleep, a teen would need 8-10 hours, and as an adult, about 7-9 hours. This are roughly the number of hours to sleep that have been researched or expected, but still we understand our body better to know how many sleep we should get to get a good day starting. It’s definitely good if there’s some important things going on.

Here’s a link where you can get the charts.

#Tip 5 : Smile and Laugh

Only the serious know how to truly laugh

Only the serious know how to truly laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remembered attending to a laughing course activity once in school. Literally, what I have to do for the course, was to laugh, even if it was a fake laugh. We were told to fake a laugh until we laugh for real. It appears to be that, laughing helps to release a chemical into our body, that helps to generally relieve stress and tension.

I find that smiling is really a contagious effect. It does not only spreads physically through our body but also spiritually. The more we are around the people that we’re happy with, the more we are happy. So smiling, helps to create that feeling of being a state of happiness. It does create an aura, that attracts the happy people towards  us.

I once had a bad morning, but realising that I shouldn’t let that affect my day, I smiled on the way to work, with the people i met with, and it felt really good. It did make the people i was with more happy to be with me, at the same time, i felt good because I didn’t really care what happen in the morning after.

So that’s my few tips I’d like to share with you.
If you do have any other tips you want to share, please do! I would love to hear them 🙂

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I’m going Kobo

Recently a few days ago, I’ve talked about choosing  an e-book store to prevent my books from turning yellow. I’ve went through all the different things they had to offer, downloaded, the kobo app and after awhile out on a sunny day to work, I’ve decided to purchase my very first book. Here’s is what i went through.

Kobo Website

Kobo Website- Click for link to website 😀

Out of curiosity, during the part when I downloaded the kobo app on my android phone, everything seemed a little new. At first it looks pretty empty and being the new guy, I was at first lost but things eventually came to place after a bit.

Screenshot_2013-05-09-09-23-49The home screen welcomed me with a simple view of recent activity on the top which actually featured what I had read recently, and the bottom section was divided into library, which is the library books that I’ve downloaded/purchased goes in there.

The reading life section was a cool feature keep track of your reading stats and just beside to it, is the kobo store.

The design didn’t really bother to me, and it wasn’t really my main concern especially for the home screen. I only  like that there isn’t a need to scroll.




The store has quite a selection of books, and most of the bestsellers out there are in, at least for my taste. It does have a book that costs at low as $0.99 cents, and a few couple of nice free- ebooks to download, and categorised into different sections, with more subsections in it, and i didn’t have time to explore all the categories because there was just too many genres, some that I’ve never even heard of like ‘steampunk’.

I was more curious about how reading a book would be like on my small screen, so i downloaded a free-ebook to try it out, and the first book i bought was Icefire, by Patty Jensen. It was a short story, and it looked pretty nice. Clicking the next page was as easy as a tap on the side.


I like the fact that there was a highlight button, a place to take notes, and simple things like search and share.I can even highlight a word i don’t know, for example and kobo app automatically searches the web for its meaning.  In the right picture, the settings allow me to also scroll through pages, change the text size and font, adjust the apperance, other settings and comment on the pages that will eventually be shared with other readers. (all this did take a bit of exploration to really know what it was.)

Ahah! Share with other readers, adjust the appereance? This is when things get even more interesting.

Screenshot_2013-05-09-09-26-40 The appearance section allows me to change settings, between classic white background, to night (for reading at night) and also the sepia, which i prefer to use the most. I was at first using the classic method to read, but eventually my eyes went crooked  started to strain even more, so sepia really helped me loosen up.

I’ve tried the night function once while reading my book on my bed lying face up, and it does help read at ease too. The screen simply turns the background black and the words white. This i felt, was a great feature.




Some other features that i felt interesting was that there was notifications to inform you of the activities going on in your reading life.There is also award badged that can be earned like reading at night, or reading a new book, or taking a note in a book. It really got me motivated to want to collect badges, and share them with my friends, and show them how badass i am with books 😀

I can say some of the badges are really cute. The picture on the left showed that I’ve already earned 3 badges, one for joining Kobo(Welcome to reading Life), another for putting a book at my own library(i ❤ my library) and also for reading a new book(Once upon a time)

I’ve now collected 9 badges, see told you i was badass.


After all the days worth of thinking whether or not i should have bought a book, I’ve decided to finally call it a deal (with my other self) and went on to purchase my first book bundle, The Game of Thrones bundle pack from 1-4 , simply because I’ve been told that the book gave more details compared to the show, which is really true. It cost me about $22 dollars plus all the currency change and that to me was a pretty good deal. Instead of having 4 books in my room now, I’ve my books, complete with a search feature, a share feature, and also at the same time see other people comments on the book, likes, dislikes and who’s reading.

No more reading in the dark with a small lamp that i try so hard to read with, and also more space for my room. Just to let you know that I’m doing all this in my mobile phone, and the app is free.

F8 Launch from Kobo on Vimeo.

This is really cool video if you’re more into seeing that reading. I find that it’s really such a helpful software that have helped me to read my books online i think it will also do for you.

So if you’re into reading and finding a method to solve your books stacking up, then i can say one of the solutions would be to go for Kobo. 

Mobile suffice for now, but Maybe i shall get a kobo Glo e reader soon.  🙂

Thanks for reading!

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Daily Question By Thought Questions : Strenuously Month

Strenuous‘ is the word.
Reason being? , The past month, I’ve actually had to deal with multitasking many things at one time, having to juggle, schoolwork and to add on to that, exams. Driving lessons as well, followed by having to also save some time for blogging, and also social meetups. One needs a really good and well planned schedule, focus and good planning to ensure he/she gets the  best of everything for productivity which is i could say is a challenging thing if you’re having so many things.

Here’s what i think may help you in on your way to make use of your day when you have to juggle so many things at one time

  • have an organizer (plan your day well, this helps to prevent you from beating yourself up trying to remember what’s your next plan for the day, even e-organizers such as Google calendar works well + you can sync it to your mobile)
  • categorize your plans (in order of importance)
  • Take breaks if you can in between if you’re too caught up with everything
  • Think of other alternatives ( postponing to a later time, call a friend for help)
  • Settle plans one at a time *unless if your job is required to multitask at the same time
  • Deep breaths help you in calming yourself
  • Be mentally prepared for what you’re about to do the next day. You have your plans, stick to it.
  • If you’re doing a lot of things, sleep well, and eat your food well, you need to make sure you’re in good shape and condition. Pop a nutrition pill that might help give you a boost.

I believe all that effort however paid off, and currently in the holidays I feel more contented that I’ve went through what i did in the past month.

How about you? What is your word ?