Daily Prompt: Silver Linings

When I ponder at the thought of Silver Linings, the ‘grey’ that’s considered to be something that’s ugly, yet at the same time trying to find the beauty in it, the things that come to my mind, is in a person’s heart and feelings.

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The ugly side that our hearts feel that are bound to destroy – eliminate, revenge, what do I mean? A few things to think about?

Have we taken into consideration of the person we choose to eliminate out from a group, denying his/her existence, just because they’re not like us. That’s ugly, but its a true fact, and every once in awhile we can’t deny that. Revenge, probably due to a small misunderstanding, but we don’t take it further to actually think about it, but instead react on purely emotions, purposely causing harm to another, pretended to blame an innocent sibling or friend, on something that was meant to be our own.

Have we screamed at our parents or friends, throw tantrums or engage in a staring incident, or even turn violent into another one like us, and everything else that comes after turns to a bloody mess. War. Crime. Suicide.

Yet, while understanding the nature of our heart and feelings that we can make me destroy, comes a pure bliss of graciousness and kindness. The ability to create – peace, happiness and love.

A sense of hope, deriving from the utmost strength that we choose to give out of our willingly small yet magnifique beating heart.
Our heart beautifies our world with the skills we have. Whether its complimenting someone at work, helping a friend in need. Happiness, even at the smallest of smiles to the loudest of laughters, embraces each and every living soul, giving us hope to know that our world is not all made of inhumanity.

Realising the things that we can do to create a canvas of unlimited possibilities.

Charity. Saving Lives, Making a Change.

Ain’t that a beautiful sight to see. The change does one small heart makes to change the universe that surrounds it.



Daily Prompt : 1984

Trapped in a room of  pitch black, silence, utmost darkness. No lights seeped through any part of this walls, I can imagine only myself being dead, i think, dead would have felt even better, than to hear the sound of my own heartbeat rising, and awful noises my breath made, trying to slowly gasp for calmness and  gripping myself for what’s coming after.

Fear, was expecting me. I can honestly see its evil smile, backed with full of plans. Evil wouldn’t come in without laughs. It’s honest satisfaction of having me now for itself, would be a complete addition to end my existence.

Death was inevitable. Either way, i would have already knew it ever since I’d turned and accept myself, for a person I had made myself become.
Felt a screeching pain down the back of my body, it was fast and swift, as it penetrates. Unexpected, yes it was, as the shiny blade pierced through my skin. ‘Backstab’ written on the blade.

“What you get for backstabbing people you had known”, it said.
What was fast, had counted for more, because time was slowing.

A match for an eye. It burns, ‘For what you shouldn’t have seen, your lust and desires you should have known better, A pot and a glow, red hot lava, i was forced to swallow, for the things you shouldn’t have eaten, and drank. It likes what’s it was doing and it show no mercy at all.

‘What’s better than a slowing death, its me watching your death, it said again.
There was the sound of water streaming. It almost felt like a relieved, but it was only a few seconds later, then it was filled up to my neck. In a closed room, a trap room is obviously a trap, and I was its victim. I had to reach out for air, but there wasn’t much time. Sooner, I accidentally gulped a water down my throat, and I choked myself only to find myself needing to breathe more air. It was my last breath, and the next thing i knew, I was in the cold, holding my breath, for as much as i could hold.

“Suffocation,” I can feel it whisper in my head. “For how you’ve suffocate the people you had done to most.”

I could no longer hold it in. Drowned i was, and it felt like every inch of my body had been filled in with water, I’ve lost out hope, just as that was about to happen, “No it hasn’t end, not yet”.

Lying flat on the ground, feeling nothing else but the bloat on my stomach, I felt dirt on the ground. Its piling up, and the ground seems to break apart, consuming every living soul that wasn’t bound to live in its treacherous conditions. I accept the fact that it was time, Fear shows the greatest,as ‘it’ was fear.

I let the ground accept my body, and returns me to the pieces that I was from, a part of this universe

An imaginative dream, and a new point of wisdom to be told.

The greatest fear is having to fear as long as you live, as it consumes you, and for as long as you do, you will always feel it coming for you. For this feeling is always present, just as courage is present beside you. Accepting nor accepting it, doesn’t makes it go away, it’s always be an entity that you’ve known. Having the courage to accept fear as it is, and understand how it works is the only way of knowing what a fear s. Courage will stand by your side, and you will survive, without fear, there wouldn’t be courage, as you stand, living in this life.

Thanks for the inspiring prompt that got me into this imaginative dream.


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Daily Prompt : Gimme

I stood on a train, reading on to the WordPress app, on my mobile phone.Reading today’s prompt,

Was there a special gift or toy you wanted as a child but never received? What was it?

During my childhood time, i have little memories of wanting something and getting it on the spot’. To be honest, i was such a nuisance that i’ll lie on the floor and shout scream throw tantums yabadabadooo.., and then my mom will buy me the thing that i want so bad. (so irritating i was)

Eventually, my mom knew my tactic and countered it by leaving me be.

One day, Gameboy came. The look on my mum’s face was serious no joking. I had known surely i will not be able to get it. Mom told me, if you want it, you’ve got to earn it. Show good results and you will.

So like a goody, i went and i did passed. Mum finally gave me the present.

Years came and good results wasn’t really the main target anymore. After a few years later, i had to work to get the awesome Playstation 2.

So the story is, the special gift/wish i have wanted was not about the games, but its always been about my mum giving me things just as simple as that.

Its definitely a good thing, because I’ve once looked at things and think that it’s simple as 123, but Mum taught me an indispensable lesson that is more valuable in life now and also in time to come.

When I’m grown up, i want to pass on this lessons to those who needs help and use what I’ve managed to understand, you know, all that nagging, the scolding, the hours of lecturing, and what my mum had been trying to do, to make people’s life better.

Daily Prompt: Me Time

Today, I was pretty amazed and questions given by the postaday bloggers, i managed to see some really nice poetry and stories.

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

My ideal Saturday morning would be, lets see

  • Waking up in the bed, stretching to the sun rays shining behind these metallic diagonally striped windows.
  • Might probably wake up, but then decided to stay in bed for awhile longer.
  • Going up see what grandma’s cooking, the food lingering from the kitchen and into the room, nyom, time to eat.
  • Held up my handphone, check a message and see the a Whatsapp message saying how they’d enjoyed last night meetup session.
  • Go to the living room with a cup of coffee, laughed with grandma and watching her favorite show,
  • Mum calling up for lunch perhaps, and then get a text message, saying there’s a really awesome event coming that night.
  • Go into town with the best attire, and dinner before going to the event.
  • Laughed with friends, had a good time with ’em.
  • Go back home and  typed in to WordPress  surprise! some views, yayy! , okay tuck in to bed waiting for the next ideal Saturday.

And haha, no, i was hoping my life was that free and fun, but I did wake up for the first part and saw some food, but the next thing i was going about was preparing for work, and so is tomorrow 🙂 but, nyeh , work hard now, and it will all pay off in the end. Work ain’t bad either, good people and good fun too 🙂

Daily Prompt: Flawed

What is your worst quality?


Hmm, okay, what is my worst quality, this has actually got me reflecting on the past years, its like taking back a trip down memory lane,except mine’s  a vortex with slideshows, and well just pieces of events happening.

I think my worst quality of what I have would be that I’ve not mastered in many things. I have a tendency to not complete things. Throughout the whole journey in my life, I have circled, swayed, jumped and crawled down from wanting to be this, and then that, and there’s always that ‘self-satisfaction’ that is missing.

When i was a kid, I had very random ambitions, a doctor, a singer, a game designer, a producer, an artist, a mechanic, a professional, someone sitting down on a big chair in a high-story building over looking the city, like a skyscraper.

Every part of my life, i had joined activities, so much of them, just because i was eager to try them all, and so was school, i had a Higher Nitec cert in IT, then when i passed, i ran far far away from my IT course for my polytechnic years and went into Civil Aviation, because simply i was eager to try something new. It could be because I’m such the ‘perfectionist’ trying to see where i fit best which until now,and i still haven’t be able to satisfy and say ‘ Okay, this is what I’m gonna be, _____ and this is what my dreams are. —– fullstop.


I always had the impression that I was the only one who was feeling this way, but during my internship at the airport, i got to know a lovely lady, CEA, working on her shift roaming the terminals, and i said,

So, what do you like to do, and what’s your strengths, and she said, well, it’s hard to say, I’m good at whatever anyone throws at me, I love challenges, and I like to broaden myself up to this. I don’t have a specific liking, I’m like the ‘Jack of all Trades, master of none’ . That triggered me, and so it was to my advantage that the ‘flawed’ version of myself, isn’t really that bad either.

Well, in may not be that I can’t be able to master something that i want, but that isn’t so bad. The best of the best people are multi-skilled , having envisioned the world  through their basic skills,with the ability to build and change the world ( of course with help of others).

Now that explains why my blog hasn’t have a specific topic throughout.(WHYYYY~) How’s that for a flaw, well a good flaw i guess ? 🙂

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A ShortMaking of a Masterplan

What would be your life’s masterplan? Have you ever thought of it at least for a bit, did you think of it vaguely as you go along, did you push that thoughts out and write it down in a piece of paper, or draft it out as drawings hanging in a big wall around your room, Did you push that into an in-out ear, and said ‘ I don’t know’.

Most of us have an idea of where we want to go to, but don’t see the cues that lies surrounding them. Some has their thoughts talking to themselves, still wondering what to do in life, but don’t see that their career is around them.

I once came to this stage of complex thoughts clumping into one big chunk of ‘???’ ,thinking “where do i go from here?, what do i want to do in life?, how do i guarantee that this path of life I’m taking would be the one i’ll want to go with when I’m 20 years down the road?.”

Wait, before that, where would you be 20 years down the road?
That’s something you can think about.

NOW Visualize,

Yourself in your own place, in your future bedroom, imagine yourself walking through the living room, walking out the house, the atmosphere surrounding outside your area and going to your workplace, the kind of people you wish had walking through your neighborhood or place or probably somewhere you have always dream of wanting to be, living your dreams.

Imagine the things you dreamt around you coming into this present world, try and remember the people you were with, what is the atmosphere you were with, how it resonate with your future plans. Is there any similarity with what you are seeing now, and the things you had. If you had, most likely you’re going towards your future direction.

Take a look around you. Scan around your room, or your workplace and imagine the things around you, look at the physical objects that represents your plans or your dreams. Does it goes in sync with the plans you had in mind? If you were an artist, do you have your surrounding filled with your art,.

You wanted to be a famous drummer one day, but do you have a garage where you’d practice your drums or find time to go for gigs , Do you have a workplace with your goals stated out. You plan to be a successful business person, but do you have a business plan in your office, ready to take off, or is your desk empty?

How to know if you’re actually going with your plans, why is this so important?
I think that this things allow you to actually redirect yourself to what you’ve always like doing. The thing is most of us do our things naturally without even knowing it. We are so accustomed to the things we like, we do not really think of it. If you’re are conscious that what you’re doing is  what you like, then good for you.

Then this question would go out to those who doesn’t have what they want in mind and see that type of similarity in front of them. Does your job or dreams resonate with what you’re doing. You could be working doing a part time job, put that aside if you are, what i meant is more like ‘ Do you see your room, or are you trying to make that dream happen? ‘

Something for us to think about again.
Bring out our life’s masterplan, For those who’s unsure what you want to be, take a look around you, look at the things you like to do, it could be signs of what you can become, it could also be served as a guidance to your future paths.  Doing it  will help us understand ourselves better, and this time round, you might open yourself up to new opportunities, things that you have not seen or aware of.