Trying to understand why something that seems so easy is just so difficult.

Yeah, really, I’m wondering. Usually I have this plan that i want really stuck inside my head, I’m already aiming at it, but then the moment i decide to do this plan, I’m just down with some blockage. There’s just something that’s not working.

Maybe I’m a perfectionist. I want to do something really nice, but then because I’m always changing things here and there, I never get things done.

I’m stuck in a dilemma of where I want the best of everything. 

I can’t remember how many things I’ve tried myself, but i always get things halfway done. I opened up a blog years ago, and just recently, I’ve opened up another blog on local art. I joined DJ-ing halfway, and i wanted to concentrate on being a producer. I had taken an aviation course in school, with in mind previously, that i wanted to be a pilot, but after realizing that it’s not my passion, i decided not to be so much. Then i just thought, what was my passion anyway? 

 I confessed being a dreamer, and have great ambitions, and its not that it’s not possible but because I want to do so much stuffs, i can’t even concentrate on what i want anymore. 

Is there a sickness to describe this? Is it fickle-mindedness. Maybe.

I’m taking a step back to try and figure out again what is it that i want to be. I hope to record the journey I’m taking from now on. 


Daily Prompt: Plead the Fifth

Question here today.

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

Giving in some thoughts to this question, another daily prompt, and had the title as ‘plead the fifth‘ , you know, I’ve never known what it meant until i search it out just now, pretty interesting topic.

I’ve been thinking and thinking about this, it’s taking me quite awhile to get an answer, my brain isn’t giving me much of a scenario to reflect back on. A typical answer that i thought about, was asking the obvious, like ‘what are you doing’ when I’m actually doing it in front of them, but giving it a second thought, i actually don’t mind that type of question, because though it’s not necessary, its not something i hate.

I think the closest question I don’t like to be asked about is shooting me a question. ‘why can’t you be like _____, comparing me with someone at the same time making myself feel very demoralized.

I kind of feel that is general, it’s a really demotivating question to start with. I’m sure there’s better ways of asking what was intended in mind. A rephrasing of the the question to ‘What do you think about ____, i think he’s could be your motivation factor, would you like to give it a try?

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Daily Question By Thought Questions : Unhappy Ways

Now this is a question with a thought in mind that we should understand and reflect on. Let’s look at it in this way. Anything that allows you to change your mood from happy to sad such as ,

  1. thinking negatively
    Whatever you do, if you keep on telling yourself that you can’t make it, and you don’t even want to try to do something when you’re sad, that will make you really unhappy.
  2. listening to sad songs and sad documentaries/movies
    Songs are known to also bring out the emotions in one’s self. Songs relating to heartbroken, death or whatsoever unless its a cheer up song won’t really have an effect of making you feel happy, instead make you stay unhappy.
  3. Purposely hurting yourself on purpose
    although it may seem like a good idea when you cut, or slap yourself in the face , it will still not help with the purpose of getting better, because in the end you will still feel pain. You’re unhappy about things, so you have to counter it and not feel helpless about it. Instead of feeling happy, what you feel is emptiness.
  4. Not doing something you love or enjoy 
    Of  course, when you’re working for someone who you don’t like, when someone pisses you off, when you get into the zone, and end up fighting, not able to pay the bills, you got a ticket for drunk driving.  It may not look like a big deal, but combine all of them together, stack them up problem after another and you’ll find yourself in a never ending trap of unhappy scenes and that can can be proven danger in the long run.
How about you? What are your thoughts on this? 

Share it with me on my wall, or post a link of your post into my comments.

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Daily Question By Thought Questions : Caring for our environment and future.

I think that more people should start caring about the environment. There has been so much change in the weather these days. The weather’s very unpredictable at times, and I think that this has got to do with some melting ice polar caps, the depletion of the ozone layer and of course its important to know where this come from.

I think that we should all understand the effects of this, and be more appreciative, be more conservative, and find other alternatives if possible to make the world live a little longer.

We can’t save the world, but we can each do our part by helping ourselves care for our future generations.

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Reaching home contented

When I come home every single day, would be to have the content of having to reach home with a smile, when I feel like I’ve actually done something good for the day. Usually I won’t be back so soon like after class, or probably after just errands in the morning, so I would usually make full use of my day, and whenever I step into the doorstep of my house, I feel a sense of relief, a sense of being safe. That feeling I just have each time, is the best part of my average day, because I know, I’ve returned to base, I’ve managed to go through something, learn something, and bring it back home with me.

That’s how I feel, how about you guys ?

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Understanding Change

Well, I can say that I’ve learnt to be a more responsible and more mindful person. Previously the past year, my life was all about enjoying, partying hard, and having lots of fun, but after a year has passed, I’ve been much more aware of such situations. I am still having fun in a way that I’m trying out for new stuffs which I hope I can still imply for as long as I live,  I have learnt to be more aware of my wants and my needs. I have started to be mindful of the reason I’m being in a place (for e.g , when I’m in school, I’m there to learn and absorb new knowledge) and as such, I should be mentally and physically present.

How about you ?

Daily Question By Thought Questions : Honesty

The number one ingredient of a healthy relationship for me is honesty. I feel that a healthy relationship should come with both the person being honest. The simplicity of the beneficial factor of honesty is that just by being honest, you’re simply being you. Be honest because that’s how we feel, of course I don’t mean it in very bad way that you have to tell the person straight to the face that you don’t exactly like the person’s attitude. This ingredient is the key to a healthy relationship because it helps us to explore and adapt to the person. Knowing each other’s true self is crucial and is by far the most critical component that a relationship holds. Face it, no one loves to be lied to, and its best to know the story and deal with it, working your way through it, then beating around the bush and telling lies.

Plus, having a need of a healthy relationship, a one that will last are the ones where one is true to themselves and towards others. By that, relationships grow stronger and that’s how trust, happiness and adaptation occurs.

How about you then? What is your number One Ingredient of a healthy relationship?

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