Stoner Wishing you Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri!



There’s much to be learnt from the 1 month of fast I’ve experienced lately. I was not only fasting but at the same time learning how to curb my emotions and controlling the bad desires. I learnt how not to be angry and let it go when someone decides to pull my strings. I tend to give in to other people’s complains. I learn to not gossip and badmouth, prevent myself from saying all those vulgarities people keep on saying.

I learn to accept the hard truth and forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve done. I learn how to love myself and despite not having to have everything, I’m contented with having to have nothing and make something out of it.

The 1 month has allowed me to open up to approach others and ask them for forgiveness for the things I’ve done. I’ve learned to willingly accept that mistakes is a part of a human being’s life, and feel the better about it.

I was able to read books during spare time, to read up books on life,  ‘The Meta Secret’, its humble teachers and its knowledge.

I’ve learnt to appreciate the people around me for having to break fast with me during the occasion, and bond more.

After all that, it has finally come to the end of fast. Its time to celebrate Hari Raya. I take my life lessons with me and bring it with me in my pocket so that I can remind myself of the better man.

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends Happy National Day for you Singaporeans!

Thanks for the support and i hope you can also pick up some of the life lessons of this post and apply them in your daily life !


and yes that was a reindeer’s hoof I wore.

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5 things to help you understand Ramadan better

Ramadan is not just about not eating or drinking. Understanding its purpose and the reason behind it will help you understand why Muslims fast during Ramadan,.

Boy fasting during fasting month


Fasting is done from the start of dawn till sunset for one month. Muslims still do go about our daily lives as per normal.

A few closed ones said to me that we also fast to remember the suffering of the kids who are in starvation not having enough food in their daily lives. By fasting we can understand how they feel better and be more appreciative of what we have.

Forming good habits

“Fasting is not merely to go without food and drink; fasting is to abstain from idle talk and obscene language”

It’s a good month to practice self-discipline, and by that it also helps Muslims to learn to do good deeds. No swearing or cursing, smoking.

Its a good time to tell them to be patient, to control our sexual desires, (which means no sex during the month) also to be kind and humble. This i feel with context of Singaporeans to help a lot, because complaining is a common thing; and overcoming people’s bad judgement by being calm.

It also teaches Muslims to tell the truth.

Purify the heart

During the month of Ramadan, it is believed that God locks up the gate of hell, which means that the devils are no longer being able to tempt the people into doing sins. Whatever we do is made with our own choice ‘without the devil’s work’.

Muslims focus on being active with helping out with the poor, doing charitable events, instead of getting involved with sexual pleasures or enjoying ourselves by listening to loud music. In this time of the year, Muslims come together to pray and recite the Quran in mosques often.

Bonding with People

The thing that i enjoy about Ramadan, is the bonding between family and friends, everyone will be busy helping out with the food or dishes, and at times we do go out together to restaurants in a huge group, to break fast together. It helps to create bonding and sharing good sessions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re Chinese or Indian or in a different religion, we welcome you to also try to break fast with us to share the moment. It’ll be better if you can also feel how we feel by fasting for a day.

To celebrate the end of Ramadan

The best thing about ending of Ramadan is that we get to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Eid ul-Fitr (festivity of breaking the fast). It is to also celebrate the endurance we face having a month of self-discipline, withstanding obstacles along the way mentally and physically, and return to our normal eating routine again.

Could you spot the life lessons here? Did you learn anything new? Share with me down below the comments section! 🙂

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