Reaching +100 on WordPress

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There’s more a reason to be happy not only because of Mother’s Day but also to celebrate because of +100, and this cannot be done without the support of all the readers out there. Thank you for the support, comments especially. I look forward to interacting with everyone who reads, and hopefully be able to share more things.

Its a really deep meaningful thing for me to get a 100 follows, actually I’ve never expected  followers before this, because I’m not so sure whether anyone is reading, because my blog is not specified to a certain category. Its more of personal thoughts and random things really.

After the recent support and encouragement of fellow daily post readers, I was more happy to find people with the same interests as I do, and was even interested at the way they post their thoughts. I was even excited to have communicate with people around reading comments, and felt how they felt.

Cheers to the technology, cheers to the internet, cheers to brilliant readers, cheers to fun bloggers and creative writers, cheers for the follow-ups and cheers for the continuous support.

Tonight’s couldn’t have been done without you. Hip Hip Hurray!

Hope to post more soon!


Middle man is known as the phone.

I have got to learn to blog from my phone. I just realised I’ve been creating these ‘lazy to blog’ thoughts in my mind, like,

‘Oh, you don’t have a laptop cause you’re outside right now, so you can’t blog’ or it’s getting too late, I can’t blog, I’m too lazy to switch on the laptop.

And for that, i’m telling myself,

“Use your phone, and don’t be lazy. At the same time, why don’t you snap a photo every now and then and post it up.”



Esplanade, I’m back again.

The days that brought me back to the area where a lot of things happened. I was sitting right at the same area over looking the Marina Bay Sands Tower, only during that time, it was under construction.

Now with the IR developed, I’m still sitting here again, except with another person. I would describe the whole place has not changed since much. The atmosphere has still the same chill ‘laidback watch the mellow river/sea along the borders’.

English: The Theatre and Concert Hall of in Si...

English: The Theatre and Concert Hall of in Singapore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who know this place well, Singaporeans, will know that this area is at Esplanade, the durian shaped tree building.

Overlooking the area, i guess something came back to me. The flashback i went through back in the years, where i had a good time, shared laughters through long stories, The place where i met friends and lose friends, spending time with someone special, spending time with close friends, and new friends and so on..the Esplanade was a place of historical value in my eyes.

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The past few days


the past few days, was pretty busy, not to mention the amount of work and training that we had to go through.
I actually feel like im starting to take responsibility again and work.
i love the people and environment. I believe that its challenging too which is even better cause i feel it is one of the ways we i can improve myself.

ive finally recieved some good news. Ive finally completed my poly studies with the results that im happy with.
I cant wait for graduation ceromony to start!


The nightlife, it draws you away from the dream. The nightlife is a reality which is cocooned by the need to face the daily routines of paper work, the pressure of handling annoying things, and the need to be somebody people wants you to be.

When the things that you try to remember the most is forgotten on drunk nights, that’s when you try to recall when it happen, how it happen and with who because it seems almost that was the only time it felt real. In the that very moment, you are able to fully release yourself and be in your true nature, and be yourself.

What are you Listenin’ To : Ghost

Breaking up is not what it seems
Cause I can still see you in my dreams
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
Maybe I’m just paranoid
Cause I can hear, I can hear your voice
Though we’re miles apart
You’re still breaking down my heart!

I haven’t lost my mind
I just can’t find it!
And all these thoughts free wind
I break the silence, silence!
I got a master in my closet and under my bed
Baby, I’m better off dead,
Than living with your ghost inside my head!
Oh, oh, oh
I’m living with your ghost
Living with your ghost inside my head!

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