Yo yo Christmas.

Christmas is coming,
a tale is becoming,
when did you recall the last time it was spring?

But what am i to know,
I’m not living in the snow,
instead its raining and the cold wind blows.

In the past, the only Christmas i thought was always bout a turkey,
was it Mr Bean i saw the his head got caught trynna cook in a hurry…
tptwiywym6domp57Oh, yes now i remember,
this coming december,
I’ll buy a turkish wrap grilled on a roller.
and watch a man say Merry Christmas to ya? Ā (x_x) ??



What are you listening to #2

This week, on the hottest latest and cool music I’ve listened to, while browsing through so many videos of Youtube, I came across a familiar name ‘Steve Aoki’. One of the best to chart the Electronic Music scene, was quite suprised by this new video though.

The though of combining styles and different genres of music to me seems like the whole is evolving into a new era, and that’s music showing its creativity.

Never heard of Iggy Azelea before, but apparently she’s got it good with this video. Other videos i believe’s very hip-hop or from the hood, but I still like the video. ‘Beat Down’.

Here’s some other tunes I like to share this week.

What are you listening to this week? šŸ™‚


oh LOL! I just realized I missed my previous week post. :O ooopsss! TEEHEE ^^