5 tips to an ‘Easier Start’

There’s a really important meeting starting soon, there’s a new interview you’re applying to, meeting on a date with someone new, or perhaps you just happen to feel like you need to somehow start your day feeling a less of a burden, without a weight on your back.

I feel you, and to be honest even I have had the toughest of days.There’s things holding us back, but sometimes we’re just not too sure what it is, or simply we ‘forget’ to do things like this.

There are 5 simple tips that I would like to share with you, that I normally would use for helping me start my day better.


Packing (Photo credit: CEThompson)

#Tip 1 : Plan ahead

I think this is really the most simple and efficient way to get things done, but sometimes I feel that we tend to neglect. We happen to be going to work tomorrow, but we neglect the time to prepare our clothes to wear beforehand, and to excuse ourselves, ‘there’s still time tomorrow to wake up and find what i want to wear’ , and waking up late tomorrow spoils that plan.

If you have something on, prepare it before hand. Get ready your stuffs in the bag, or at least somewhere you would normally go and reach to before leaving the house.

#Tip 2: Recall things 

P psychology

P psychology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recalling is a good technique I normally use to help me get on track. Try to recall what happen the few days before generally, and put that into storage. It may help you to get back on par with what you could have left unfinished, or perhaps someone you’ve met that you might need to contact. If you’re in a meeting, try and recall the person you had the meeting with, if you’re in a date, try and remember what was ‘his/her’ name and whether you might want to meet up again. If you’re going to work, try and recall the last time you head to work, and how you have did the day.

Another way to do this would be to use a reminder, to I have yet to do, and for that I’m using Any.Do. You may choose to check that out in your mobile store, it’s available for Android, Iphone, and Chrome users.

#Tip 3 : Visualise before Action

A lot of professional people does this. It may sound weird, or not even make sense at first, but its been proven otherwise. Great athletes, visualise how they would run a race, shoot the ball, hit the bat. Visualisation is the key that helps to  unlock the potential in one’s mind.
Being prepared not just physically, but mentally.

I choose to do this before going to work. The day before or morning after waking up, i would stop whatever I’m doing, visualise how I’m going to work, and pretend to have a scene where I was doing my best job, working happily, and everything was good and how i wanted it to be. This has definitely help me a lot, especially for Mondays. I hardly ever get the ‘Monday’ Blues when it comes to work, because i don’t feel that way.

#Tip 4 : Sleep enough

Baby gorilla having a sleep on his mother

Baby gorilla having a sleep on his mother (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t emphasise this enough. It’s really that important. I have to admit, even i don’t sleep enough sometimes, but i realise that whenever i am able to sleep enough, my next day wouldn’t be as tiresome as other days. An average child would need 10-12 hours of sleep, a teen would need 8-10 hours, and as an adult, about 7-9 hours. This are roughly the number of hours to sleep that have been researched or expected, but still we understand our body better to know how many sleep we should get to get a good day starting. It’s definitely good if there’s some important things going on.

Here’s a link where you can get the charts.

#Tip 5 : Smile and Laugh

Only the serious know how to truly laugh

Only the serious know how to truly laugh (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I remembered attending to a laughing course activity once in school. Literally, what I have to do for the course, was to laugh, even if it was a fake laugh. We were told to fake a laugh until we laugh for real. It appears to be that, laughing helps to release a chemical into our body, that helps to generally relieve stress and tension.

I find that smiling is really a contagious effect. It does not only spreads physically through our body but also spiritually. The more we are around the people that we’re happy with, the more we are happy. So smiling, helps to create that feeling of being a state of happiness. It does create an aura, that attracts the happy people towards  us.

I once had a bad morning, but realising that I shouldn’t let that affect my day, I smiled on the way to work, with the people i met with, and it felt really good. It did make the people i was with more happy to be with me, at the same time, i felt good because I didn’t really care what happen in the morning after.

So that’s my few tips I’d like to share with you.
If you do have any other tips you want to share, please do! I would love to hear them 🙂

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Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses

The daily prompt suggested the daily post bloggers to,

Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation I’ve experienced on waking up today. Pick the one I’ m most drawn to, and write. (For a bigger challenge, pick the one I’m least drawn to.)

Window from my room

Window from my room

Waking up was a usual routine, though today I heard of a different tone. I hear the sound of the door, making that wide squeaky sound, I hear mumblings just outside the room, I knew it was grandma. Her voice always seem too familiar. She has a deep husky voice, but not one’s that deeper than mine, her lazy voice when she talks to me on the phone.

I tried to remember, i tried to trace, i tried to grasp a hold of knowing that I’m always hearing the standard alarm buzzing through my ears, the birds chirping during the early sunrise, followed by a constant sound of a big machine running across the MRT train tracks, but i didn’t, not today.

What was the time now? , I woke up late and its already 8. I heard a faint voice talking to someone else, somewhere in the background. It sounds like its coming from the living room.

“Nasri, gone to work already?” Something was wrong. Grandma would know if I’m in. She would have heard the sound of my alarm ringing and come again to remind me every 10 mins to wake up, i didn’t hear to that either.

Soft mattresses slide, the bed joined creaked, i can also hear the dragging of my feet against the floor as i walked to the bathroom, passing by the noisy dryer, my grandma, always choose to operate in the morning. The sound of water splashing against my skin brings comfort, and a tinge of freshness, a wake up call to start a new day.

I still hear a conversation between two person in the living room. Looking out without my specs on after the bath, I can’t see a thing, but only to rely on the only thing that I am good with at that moment,

“Its your aunt. ” , my ear received.

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