Why My Grandma Is A Superhero

Kick ass and hit girl

Kick Ass and Hit girl from the movie Kick Ass 2

Superheroes. Do they really exist in this world? Yes They do.

My grandma is a superhero. She has no laser eye beam like Cyclops. She doesn’t  wear a tight suit with weapons walking around the city like Kick Ass back in the days, but she does have a power that comes from strong mental and inner strength.


Her strong will nature to persevere, is beyond extraordinary.

It was a good day for a picnic down by East Coast Park. My dad had brought down his company’s bus to use for the weekend and so we could use more extra baggage to cook more food and bring more stuff.

I remembered struggling to carry a huge ass size container filled with utensils, and there she was beside me sweeping off the container #likeaboss and carried it with no sweat. As much as I tried asking her to let me do it, she did it anyway. I know you would if it was your grandma too.

She had this energy that keeps her going. I don’t know if she realises the consequences of her carry heavy things, and working too hard especially when she’s in her 60’s , but after a while, I realised she isn’t just any ordinary grandma.

She climbed and tracked the hills back in those days to take care of plantations, she worked at long hours, washed other worker’s clothes after her usual factory job to feed the family because we were so poor.

She had gone through taking care of my late grandfather who had diabetes and legs cut off and carried him in her shoulders to let him enjoy a good fresh air outside of home. Grandfather was also strong-willed who tried his best to not let her overwork.

Grandma and Me

Grandma and Me

She’s not just hardworking but intelligent. Making a platform with wheels from scratch for my grandfather to move around, changing the layout of the home to ensure that he can move around his daily life without help.

If there’s something that you say you can’t, she’ll figure out a way on how to do it, somehow one way or another.

The skill of survival. 

Gone through the pain along with the rain of sweat that comes from tireless devotions to make a change.

I believe that when you are strong-willed, you will do great things. You will receive great things in return. You allow the positive aura inside of you to attract the opportunities the world has to offer

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

You can create changes in people lives, like how my grandma did and that’s what makes each of us a superhero.

Now for some good fun to end this post with.

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A Plan for the Holidays

I’ve told myself recently that I need to take a good holiday before I start to go for my National Service. The time is ticking. Considering that, I need to really make full use of my time and go before it’s too late. I’ve been working to get that money so I can enjoy my time.

I’ve been getting some ideas lately.

  • Travel to at least one country I’ve never visited
  • Meet up a friend overseas
  • Have an awesome birthday party on Sep 20 😛 hint*
  • Chill out with the good people

These are the plans I’m trying to achieve before November 5th, the day when I start to enlist for my NS.

and if you’re keen to join me in my journey, do drop me a message 😀



Stoner Wishing you Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri!



There’s much to be learnt from the 1 month of fast I’ve experienced lately. I was not only fasting but at the same time learning how to curb my emotions and controlling the bad desires. I learnt how not to be angry and let it go when someone decides to pull my strings. I tend to give in to other people’s complains. I learn to not gossip and badmouth, prevent myself from saying all those vulgarities people keep on saying.

I learn to accept the hard truth and forgive myself for the mistakes I’ve done. I learn how to love myself and despite not having to have everything, I’m contented with having to have nothing and make something out of it.

The 1 month has allowed me to open up to approach others and ask them for forgiveness for the things I’ve done. I’ve learned to willingly accept that mistakes is a part of a human being’s life, and feel the better about it.

I was able to read books during spare time, to read up books on life,  ‘The Meta Secret’, its humble teachers and its knowledge.

I’ve learnt to appreciate the people around me for having to break fast with me during the occasion, and bond more.

After all that, it has finally come to the end of fast. Its time to celebrate Hari Raya. I take my life lessons with me and bring it with me in my pocket so that I can remind myself of the better man.

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends Happy National Day for you Singaporeans!

Thanks for the support and i hope you can also pick up some of the life lessons of this post and apply them in your daily life !


and yes that was a reindeer’s hoof I wore.

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The good chilled out Friends I’ve experienced in my life


Hanging out at Vivo City Rooftop

Hanging out at Vivo City Rooftop

A group of friends and I had a small hangout session after at Vivo after work.

Good chilled out friends are not easy to come by. I’ve met a lot of friends that come and go, countless of them at parties and events, but very few that stays and understands me. Im glad to have find a small group of friends that enjoys the simple things in life.

Its not just about that though. Making the best out of your time with people you care about matters. The best of part of having to be with good people is you learn to appreciate the good times in life.

Preparing for NS

How we are Preparing for NS

When you’re with good friends, you make the best of what you have and have fun no matter what the situation is in.

As the saying goes,

Make the best of what you got, when live gives you lemons, you make lemonades.

I can say we did unnatural things at some point of time, like going to ‘Toys R Us‘ and submerge ourselves into a pool of toys, camwhore with superhero masks and play around with rubber balls and longboards.

I’ve been learning to pick up the pieces that fits into my life of appreciating these moments, break free from trying to compose my ‘mature’ self for a while, let loose and be a kid again.

I don’t know if you feel the same as I, maybe the way you act with your siblings compared to a group of friends or someone you just met, the feeling is different.

You might be out with a group of friends doing what all adults should be doing, going shopping or having a dinner at some restaurant, having to look at the expensive clothes you’re going to plan to wear at the nightlife over in Clarke Quay,


You could just chill out with some good friends, have some takeaway food from your nearby hawker centre, chill out at a mall’s rooftop, and pretend you have superpowers.

I’m glad to have such friends. I don’t have to feel so bad about not behaving in a certain manner, and learnt to accept what he/she is doing for that matter, and purely okay with being our nerdiest selves, being okay with a true self, understand each other at our lowest and better self.

This is one of the few group of friends I’ve enjoyed my life with. Don’t be mistaken, there’s other groups of friends I do enjoy hanging out with too who is also chilled out and laid back.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you had a group of chilled out friends? What was your experience like?


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How am I to work and blog?

stoner 1

It’s not easy to balance life between blogging and working.

At times, I would feel like I want to just enjoy the rest of my day before going to NS and explore all the things that I’ve not done yet.

Until now, I’ve not had the chance to actually travel overseas to Bangkok, Thailand, or somewhere across Asia, maybe even to America to have fun and enjoy a good holiday

I spend time trying to work my ass off, and then I find that it’s still not enough, or something is caught in between me and the plans.

When it comes to money vs fun, there’s a priority to choose from, and sometimes I’m trying to balance it up the weighing scale, so I don’t go nuts, or I don’t run out of money.

What if I could work to blog? 🙂 That would be nice for a change. A short post to end the day, because I’ve work the next day.



Hold in there, lets chill.

I’m in the train hearing the sound of the rail tracks rubbing against the train’s wheel axels and gear.

I see on the window panels the construction of a building every 3 mins, Progress.

I see the school kids gathering up for assembly on the concrete floor as early as 7am; Growth.

I see the complicated yet seemingly well planned architecture of a high rise condominium building, Technology and Stability.

There we are, just moving in our ordinary lives  in a microscopic approach involved in a extraordinary way together holistically.

Each of us do our part, that benefits the movement of the world one way or another. Every living being that’s in sync with the rotation of hers that surrounds us grows as a nation.

But, i see lads in their suits and ties and girls in their firm blouses stepping into a train station. We can understand that the clanking of brogues and heels is pretty normal on a typical busy weekday. We learn to adapt to the pace of others, or move aside to let them pass.

I’m trying to understand the situation that we’re facing through. Are we really rushing for time? Are we moving too fast? The young are equipped with information and status, that maybe 50 years ago might be irrelevant, because it wouldn’t have as much impact.

It might not seem like chasing a degree as fast as possible,then to start working after ,matter back in the days, but now everyone wants to be the best, and it’s starting to sound irrelevant.

What if one day, every human being that starts to have a degree before the age of 20? What then next?

I’d like to see myself enjoy the time, not rushing on a crowded train, probably eat a bread, before heading of the train to work but at the same time, i sometimes cannot afford to not be in sync with others.

What do you think?

Being a better person in life

Sitting in the room, thinking of how I’m being able to be more than what I can be. There’s so much info out there, I’m caught rushing in between grabbing a piece of advice from niche blogs, reading a little bit of self-improvement book, and listening to advice from a fellow blogger friend.

Cover of "The Game"

Cover of The Game

Can i even do this? Where can i gather all this positivity that allows me to be a better man. An alpha male? Have you even heard of it? It reminded me of my past read of ‘The Game by Neil Strauss‘, an unbelievable man who gave me so much inspiration to change my life.

Believe me when i say, it did change the way i think, the way i act, and change the way i view things, but the point is not to be a player or ‘getting the girl’ and about pick up lines. The main point was to be able to stop being afraid and to have the courage to engage. To step out of my comfort zone, and achieve , that even I can’t deny, the results was amazing.

Truthfully, i don’t want to be the people feeling miserable about their lives, neither do i want you to feel that way. I’ve learned the hard way out of my introverted self and now to  be called a ‘sweet talker’ (yes) or a guy who have strong relationships with a lot of ladies compared to Bros, but its fine.

How you judge me, is totally up to you.

I’d like you to feel how i feel, to see where I’m standing from, and know that I’m doing something about it. I’m not too sure which path of  the road I’m heading, but I know that if I don’t start walking, I’m going nowhere.

Be better, be a gentleman, be wiser, be knowledgable, be brave, be strong, be skilful, be a charm.

I’m still improving to be better, and that’s what I’m doing. What are you doing?



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