A happy New Year.

A good and happy New Year to everybody who is reading this, (dunno if anyone is actually reading this, and if you are, you are one of the best people in the WHOLEWIDEWORLD. ) 

I’d really appreciate the follows, the likes and the comments from the past 2012, you guys were part of my inspiration to keep on going in 2012,  amd sometimes i like to think that i’m giving a winning speech. Shall i continue about thanking my mum for giving birth to me.. and my..

Unfortunately, though its already the 3rd of January, and I’m writing this post now which is kinda late, but nevertheless, i still have to end 2012 with a good chapter. 

2012 was fun, it was brilliant, it was sad, it was awesome. Damn right it is. I have a mixture of feelings into one blended into a whole passage riding though 2012. There were hard times when things seems so complicated. There were laughs that was totally made my days, and there were memories, of which I can definitely learn from. 

If there was one thing that I’ve learnt from 2012, is be who I wanna be. I’ve made decisions that had made things better and I can also say made things worse, but it was definitely a good shot. I’ve never tried as much as being myself and be truthful to what I feel, and i think that 2012 was that. I’m still trying to recall what my resolution for 2012 was. Oh wait. I found it.


‘Live an active lifestyle and improve my dedication towards what i love.’ – 2012 resolution
Well, i definitely did manage to lose weight 😉 hurrah. Ever since 2012 started, I’ve been lessening on those junk food and be more aware of my health. I’ve still managed to keep myself more fit, and more better now. I hope to still continue this. 😀

I also think I’ve managed to do more music productions, though i think i sidetracked along the way. I’ve always had some issues with thinking what i want in life, and i think that it’s important to do something you love, so if there was something that I’ve dedicated to find, was to understand myself better and see what i really want to be in life. I’ve love this, and blogging too as well. I’ve written so much and sometimes i read at my own posts, i’ll be like ‘Was that even me’?  (don’t tell me you don’t  :P) 

and sooo, 2012 ended with me working. Yeah its not some kind of hooray cheers, but it was where I’d wanted to be. To finally at least not spend so much during countdown getting wasted or something else, but at least be able to earn some extra money. I did managed to see the fireworks at my workplace though. It was awesome. 

Looking forward to 2013. 😀 Im left with 2months of study . YEAH! 

Cheers, and lets start 2013 with new memories, 


Daily Prompt : Gimme

I stood on a train, reading on to the WordPress app, on my mobile phone.Reading today’s prompt,

Was there a special gift or toy you wanted as a child but never received? What was it?

During my childhood time, i have little memories of wanting something and getting it on the spot’. To be honest, i was such a nuisance that i’ll lie on the floor and shout scream throw tantums yabadabadooo.., and then my mom will buy me the thing that i want so bad. (so irritating i was)

Eventually, my mom knew my tactic and countered it by leaving me be.

One day, Gameboy came. The look on my mum’s face was serious no joking. I had known surely i will not be able to get it. Mom told me, if you want it, you’ve got to earn it. Show good results and you will.

So like a goody, i went and i did passed. Mum finally gave me the present.

Years came and good results wasn’t really the main target anymore. After a few years later, i had to work to get the awesome Playstation 2.

So the story is, the special gift/wish i have wanted was not about the games, but its always been about my mum giving me things just as simple as that.

Its definitely a good thing, because I’ve once looked at things and think that it’s simple as 123, but Mum taught me an indispensable lesson that is more valuable in life now and also in time to come.

When I’m grown up, i want to pass on this lessons to those who needs help and use what I’ve managed to understand, you know, all that nagging, the scolding, the hours of lecturing, and what my mum had been trying to do, to make people’s life better.