Daily Prompt: Goals

The daily prompt for today!

im really happy for today’s question because it allowed me to go back in time to see how i first started my blog, and how was it like posting back then. I shall use this as a life lesson to improve on my writing skills! 🙂

When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?

The starting of the blog was set up of with a goal to help ease the mind, especially, when it felt like I needed to share things. It’s the reason why I have been blogging. To be able to reach into my thoughts and express it out in words has been a main factor, is why I’ve created the blog.

When I was at the age of 10, i used to keep a diary, and write about my all feelings, the recent breakup, I scribble and drew, talking about the best moments in life. The diary didn’t really give me so much options, except helping me to express, and yet still it didn’t feel so good. So i created a blog, to share and hopefully out of the millions of people here, one would stumble across my page, and that would have felt really good. Someone knowing.

I had been with Blogger since 2004, posting on every day life, and at that point of time, I didn’t really took into consideration about what I posted, because it was actually meant for me to just post something. At times, I could have been blogging about what I’m doing, and some other days, it was mainly just pictures and random thoughts. I had started a few categories, so I ventured out to look for any other blog sites, such as WordPress, LiveJournal, Wix, and a few more sites.

I was really impressed at the WordPress method of managing the blog through by being able to assign to different categories efficiently. It first seem foreign, but eventually I managed to make my way through.

Right after the big move from Blogger to WordPress with the start of the first post in June 15, 2011, I began a new chapter.

As the time pass, I’ve decided to try experimenting with different type of categories, trying to blog about food, advices, fiction stories, and about weight management, daily questions by a site called thought questions, and now the daily prompts section by Daily Post.

Things did come and go, and at some point of time, I  didn’t manage keep my posts on certain categories active, and when i find that it’s hard to write about something, it always came back to talk about life and just sharing stories, about what you know and how you feel.

If i were to put in comparison, what I’ve written in 2011, and in 2013, I would say, I previously have had more photos, and more sharing sessions in the past. Expression was filled with photos because, ‘photos gave a clearer view and was a good way to express what i went through’.

I took the chance to turn something that was simple, and try to see where I can go with blogging. To be honest, there were times, when it just didn’t feel right, “this is not something i like to do”. that kind.

My smaller goals change from time to time, but my main goal didn’t change. To express and ease my mind. To be able to share.

update! *

I used to have these on my previous blog, but i couldn’t find it anymore, the only left remained was gif’s and banners i used to make for the blogger long time ago that somehow left me with some sense of surprise how I really went to customise my blog.


How bout you? 🙂

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Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Today, the daily prompt asks, to tell and talk about an unconventional love in my life, I find that a little hard to extract at first, especially after I had just explained the recent topic about Love, and how I expressed my LOVE with Mum, on Mother’s day, so daily prompt now asks for another love question,

Wow. Okay. 🙂

It took me sometime to think through this, and i had to scroll through other daily prompt bloggers to get the understanding of what this post was actually about

To my understanding, i guess unconventional love would be something that’s loving something out of the norm, at least that’s what i got from googling unconventional love stories.

I love the moon. Really. I once had the feeling that the moon was really alive like a princess stuck in a far away distance , and every time when I’m sad, she would be there to smile for me. If i had did something wrong, she would have looked away, or whenever I forget to talk to her, and say hi, she would have a frown on her face. I also felt that she was the one who understood how i felt, so living at the era, at that point of time, really made me love the moon so much. She would have said goodbye every time i go to sleep, and I would have to wait for her to come and see me at night. Only at some point of time, I wouldn’t be able to see her completely, but when she’s full, she’s giving all her attention.

Though now she might have a deeper connection with astronauts.

I also think i have an unconventional love for other things like the flowers growing among the trees, because they bring vibrancy, and make me feel more bright and not so dull all the time. I also love the lights that light up the lonely streets at night because I’m quite afraid of all the blind darkness. I love my laptop so much, and i have to talk to her a lot of else she would hang in the middle of my project. 🙂

Tech-wise, I love the technology. I love the mindset, of having robots, and even cooler technology, like drones and touchable screens, (just think of Ironman 3 if you’re not sure what I’m talking about ) though i don’t expect them to turn to a version of Terminator or similar to it (hopefully not), but i really like the fact that they’re thinking about it. Just recently, they used to have this idea of having huge receivers that they are able to communicate with another person, now they call in mobile phones.

With dreams like this, i think people would really want to go and try ways of achieving the impossible making it possible.

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Reaching +100 on WordPress

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 10.37.57 PM

There’s more a reason to be happy not only because of Mother’s Day but also to celebrate because of +100, and this cannot be done without the support of all the readers out there. Thank you for the support, comments especially. I look forward to interacting with everyone who reads, and hopefully be able to share more things.

Its a really deep meaningful thing for me to get a 100 follows, actually I’ve never expected  followers before this, because I’m not so sure whether anyone is reading, because my blog is not specified to a certain category. Its more of personal thoughts and random things really.

After the recent support and encouragement of fellow daily post readers, I was more happy to find people with the same interests as I do, and was even interested at the way they post their thoughts. I was even excited to have communicate with people around reading comments, and felt how they felt.

Cheers to the technology, cheers to the internet, cheers to brilliant readers, cheers to fun bloggers and creative writers, cheers for the follow-ups and cheers for the continuous support.

Tonight’s couldn’t have been done without you. Hip Hip Hurray!

Hope to post more soon!


Daily Prompt: Key Takeaway

The Daily Post today, asks to give my newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on my experiences blogging, which i find such an interesting topic.

I’ve been blogging for a few years, and I’m glad to share a piece of advice i have find very helpful for me which would be to express things in my own words. 

I’ve always had so much different styles of writing, and I’ve tried so much ways of conveying messages across, but I would say that the best expression comes from where we’re most comfortable with. I don’t know really for sure if its for you, but for me, i find that trying to write how i feel at this point of time and being myself , allows me to convey what i want to say without trying to struggle to find things to say.

I understand that as I’m saying this, it might not apply to those who’s trying to find make a professional site, with a notch for trying to attract a certain kind of reader or community. If there was a personal blog, i would say that expression through my own choice of words allows me to  develop my own unique way of blogging, and it seems to create a certain kind of style.

A hot drink by the side at night might help to also take that tension out of the writer’s block.

There you go. 🙂

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