How to Start Living Life

I came across a video and realise the good messages it brought. I don’t want to be caught up in a desk bound job with piles of work stacking on me. Deadlines after deadlines. The not so comfortable atmosphere. Even if I’m wearing a nice suit and tie for an office job, I don’t want to end up in that position.

I want to live my life, get on the next flight and see people and see the world. I want to train and look good, live my life with no regrets, and constantly move on to greater heights.

Its time to start saving for my benefit, and if I could work to travel, I want to give it a shot.

I found a link that could be helpful that talks about the 12 best jobs that combines work and travel.

What are your thoughts about this? Have you ever had the same kind of thoughts as I do?


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Thoughts for Future.

These legs is killing me,
But my heart says its bound to be
when work has become responsibility
when surviving depends much on money.

These thighs are aching,
less playing,slowly its fading
working so I’m saving
in the future might need a wedding ring.

Every penny saved is a penny earned.
Financial freedom is what i yearn,
I wish to take care of my self when I’m old,
Don’t wish to trouble when the night gets cold.

Able to pay for medicines, when i turned grandpa
Don’t you wish the same for your wife when she turned grandma?
Hold on to the thoughts, and make time now
so that in the future, difficult i would  definitely understand how.

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Internship In the End.

6 months has gone by, it feels like the my internship ended with a blink of an eye. Though most of the days and nights working has gone by with lots of deep memories, I’ve yet to gulp in the fact that the attachment is now over. Recalling the past few days, I was trying to go on grounds to have a last look on the terminals. I went on a first person view of deep lovely memories, walking on the travellators, looking pass the gate hold rooms. Recalling the sun shining through the huge glass panels in the background, in a distant, seeing the trees surrounding the airport boulevard. A skytrain track built over and above the car park  showing technology as it is; efficient and comforting is the word. Skytrain was the ease of access for these tiring legs, and also those rushing moments during  ground operation for Flexi-gates in the wee hours of the morning.

From the morning briefings , to lunches at noon on a crowded staff canteen, the ambient and relaxing dinner on the Changi Recreation Club (CRC), the laughs and talks with managers, the coffee and tea drinks for late night supper , and the friendly staffs surrounding the airport.

I’m blessed to have the people who mentored me throughout the journey, and as much as they say I’ve changed and improved, it took a while for me to accept that, and truly believe that I’m a changed person now.

Confidently saying, that I’ve learn how to approach people better, and communicate better, it really feels amazing to understand, to be able to lead, mentor, the ability to maintain a calm person while reacting to difficult situations.

As much as the saying goes, never forget your roots. I started with a open mind, new and I willingly accepting ideas and face my fears. The team that had gave me the strength, pushed me. Team Charlie.

Somewhere along the way, new TM’s and DTM’s were introduced, there was a reshuffling.  The team that still kept going despite the challenges of having to know each other for a shorter period of time. Heads up, they were one of the best people I’ve met. Ones that I can always talk about with feelings, not only with regards to work but also our own lives. One’s that are always fun to work with. Work hard and play hard. The new Team Charlie along with the new batch of interns.

It helps me understand that life is ever changing. I managed to meet new people in school every semester, and so is the industry. New people are introduced, and we try to get along with each other despite the differences. Afterall, is it one common goal, to work in unity.

I will never have experienced this anywhere else, Internship has played a big change in making my life a journey worth remembering.