Daily Prompt: Party Animals (?)

After spending time with a group of people, do you feel energized and ready for anything or do you want to hide in the corner with a good book?

You know, after spending time with a group of people, sometimes it really feels kinda both. At times, I will feel like I’m ready to do explore more with this group that I have because it feels great to be around them. It makes me feel appreciated to know that there are people around me who’s willing to spend time to go out and have fun, and that’s where the energy kicks in

Yet at the same time it does feel like after there’s too much of people, that you just feel it’s too much to handle. Maybe also because there isn’t much to talk about. At that point of time, I’ll take out a book and catch up on reading.

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The complicated words.

I’ve not seen myself as someone who one day would like to write. I’ve never learnt and take a huge interest in scoring well for my English compositions back in the days, and still find some words that seems so ‘alien’ to me. I require the dictionary(luckily everything’s online now) to allow me to visualize better when reading a book.

One confession yet to make, I’ve envied how others are able to put such beautiful words into their blog, but I on the other hand, just rather plain words. I do enjoy, this complicated words that people always use to fit in to their posts to make it more interesting to read.

I hope that one day, even as a practice, I’m able to broaden this language into something more better. Better for writing and for expressing.