Worry Less Foxy.

Fox is feeling troubled tonight. He has no idea what is going on and around him. It’s as if his whole life is slowly swallowed up by the whole entire process of everyday life. He crave for more adventure, more meaning towards life, but tonight isn’t a go. Tonight, he spend his night on the cave again. His comfort for being at home tonight shimmers, for he wants more.

Why there you are again looking at yourself, haven’t u discovered what you want?  I’m sure you’re taking a long time with it, because I certainly am tired of looking at you sit down on me just like that?

What if Fox wasn’t clear, it seems as if he was doing the right thing, making the right move every single day towards his life, but he seems lost. In the deep forests, he’s looking at the moon trying to ask the moon the same question. The moon sits silently. No answer tonight. Not even a slight resemblance.

Craving for creativity, desire and more motivation at least to get out of the madness, the doubts and the questions. That’s what he needs.

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