Cooking Garlic Prawn

I had a thought of suddenly doing something different today. I really had no idea I would actually do it, but what happen was,  I was busily scrolling through my Youtube wall, and I’ve was going through some of the videos that I subscribed to, and one of them was from FoodWishes by Chef John. I love cooking shows, sometimes i  really enjoy seeing people cooking dishes, so as I was scrolling, I saw this.

Garlic Shrimp Recipe

I’ve no idea where I get that ‘stoneriffic’ will from, but decided to invite my cousin over. Why? Simply because I wanted to try making one myself. It sounds crazy, cause I’ve never done this before.

My cousin came over, and we went to out nearest supermarket there is, and we went there with  hope over finding some of the ingredients they were suppose to use but to our attempts, there was no parsley, no capers, no red pepper flakes, so instead we improvised, and we had something that looks like red pepper flakes except its not so dry, but it still helps, and we did forgot about the butter (oops, yeah my fault that one right there.)  So we stroll back home and here’s what we got!


So we started off with like what in the above video said like , shrimps, lemon juice, olive oil, garlics* otherwise it wouldn’t be ‘garlic’ shrimp. hahaha geddit ? oh k.
and we replaced the butter with some margarine, and no capers, no parsley. We had to deal with that


I added some of the olive oil, had wait for the first slight sign of smoke, and then started adding in the shrimps/prawns, just keep flipping once awhile, for about 4-5 mins or so and after its done looking ‘orange’ and tanned up,


Yeah and that’s just me, nothing fancy about it, except you seeing me cooking the most awesome dish for my dinner. Muahahahaha!


Added the garlic, chilli, and wait….


look at how the lemon juice and margarine just lingers around over and under those tasty looking shrimps .

After awhile later once it starts to dry, we’re done ! Yes, I was so happy at the sight of it cause I couldn’t just control the desire of the scent of the shrimps, and my cousin had served them on a plate, and we had it served with rice and some of the earlier fishball/crabmeat soup I made, and that I’ll save it for another time.




and here you go, this is what I made for dinner.


Yeah, so its still possible, it would have tasted better with the proper ingredients, but to me, it tasted so good and I’m sure you guys can do it even better. I had a great time doing it, I’m sure you will too!

Comment Below here, you awesome one.

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