WNF Monday– Biceps And Back

Gym : Woodlands Stadium Gym

I’ve asked a friend about the different types of gym trainings for alternate days, and started training of my Biceps and Back today, I’ve still yet not really know the posture of doing my rolls which is for my back today but so far my back is feeling the pain now which is good.

Currently, I’m going on low weights which I don’t mind doing actually. Things are good so far and a good progress.

Need to work out more and focus on the biceps because I felt like I wasn’t doing much.

Biceps : 3 sets of Dumbbell Curls, Hammer Curls, Standing Cable Curls and the Ez Bar Curls.

Back : Seated Cable Rows, One Arm Dumbbell Rows and some good Wide-Grip Lat Pulldowns.

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