Daily Question By Thought Questions : Hate and Demotivation

Personally, this is what I observe. The world has gone from a form of scarce and abundant source to an oblivious spectrum of hate. The greed and need for power is among the riches who are unconscious about their surrounding for the needy ones, and the unconscious ones who require consciousness are the ones who we see as a demotivation towards others. Demotivation has not only gone through that path, but even in Twitter and Facebook nowadays,
‘ Its raining today, FML’ ,on a rainy day, a twitter update comes up,what’s worse if its being re-tweeted,  the next thing you know, the whole area might just tweet the whole same thing. Expression of course is not really prohibited, you may feel like just getting it out, but to just keep in mind, you are constantly still affecting the people around you indirectly. Communication between a person to a person is that it is a chain effect.
If you’re happy and you share that with someone, the person feels the same way. You’re sad and same thing happens too.

Facebook people shares videos of babies being stepped on, people getting murdered, violence. Yes the world should know and reflect on this, but supporting an anti page campaign, supporting a protest is not exactly much difference than you hating on something back.
The world doesn’t need more anti-war campaign, an anti-rally, the world need more message of peace and love. Support peace, support love, charities. Then you might just see the world improving. It’s hard, but if each and every person would just contribute, then you might just see a difference.

What do you think?

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