Confession of that 365 and the daily posts

I noticed that I’ve not been filing in my promises to do the project 365. I can admit, it is not easy, especially with internship in the few months back. I don’t know, but maybe its just that I didn’t have gathered enough motivation to send a post on through mobile or even take a photo. This laziness has got control of me.

It’s even much more wrong to have the sticker of the postaday2012 on the side of my blog when I’m not even writing once a day. I’m still trying to get hold of delivering a unique content, but now what I’m thinking is ‘just keep writing’.

So this time, maybe just this time round.
I’m going to do just that. I’ll set a reasonable goal to start doing a project 365, download an app on phone that can help with project 365, and deliver a post that can help me attain my goal. I can do this, definitely can! 🙂


Comment Below here, you awesome one.

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