Things you might not know about cars In Singapore

At first, it seemed normal, in fact I’ve been living here for quite some time, but after seeing this video, I’m quite surprised. It shows how countries in general can go up to great measures to really implement things that they want to achieve, and in this case to reduce the number of traffic.

After the new launch of Fast and Furious 6, Hollywood actors and actresses, were being asked a few questions to guess the price of cars In Singapore.

It would make sense if one is living in Singapore, because even now, the jams of expressway in the morning is enough to drive one to go mad. Public transportation has also increased with packed and crowds in the morning and evening in MRT trains, buses and even taxi’s. I find that if the prices were to decrease, then it would really double up the cars in Singapore and I can’t imagine what’s going to happen next. Singapore a good girl with lots of ambition, but the cost of maintaining a lifestyle here comes with a price.

I’m sure there’s advantages and disadvantages to this, and as much as my point of view is not aimed at anyone, someone else might have a different view.

So, if you’re thinking of moving in, and have been used to travel in cars, or want to own a car in Singapore, do keep this in mind 🙂

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1 thought on “Things you might not know about cars In Singapore

  1. you blogged about that too ? It was a funny reaction to their face.. anyway if you think the morning jam could already make one go mad.. try living in Msia , Indonesia or Thailand.. that is what you call MAD !!

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