What are you listening to Week #1

Hey guys, this post is dedicated towards influential music that I’m listening to. So the catch is I’m going to be posting a few song(s), be it new or old. With this, hopefully I’m able to give you guys a more understanding of why i view this songs and share the music 🙂

My mum loves Akon.
I recall talking to her in the car driving off the expressway, radio was playing hits, and out of nowhere, an Akon song came out, Mum asked me, “Who’s this artist, I hear him every time I’m on the radio. I like his songs”.

Till now even when i ask her, her fav artist would still be AKON. When asked she said “somehow i can feel what he’s saying in his songs, and plus i can catch what he’s saying unless the other people who’s singing too fast (referring to rappers) “.

I just laughed on and on.

This video of Wonder Girls – Like Money Featuring Akon, is a brand new track I’ve just listened to which features a cool concept, which reminds me of ‘TRON’ . Don’t you think so?

Wondergirls World Wide Sensation
I recall the awesome period of when Wonder Girls went boom and rise to fame with their song of ‘Nobody’ in 2009. 27 million views as of now over on Youtube for their music Video for Nobody, and one thing that I like about them is the ability for them to merge themselves to go for not only the Korean Market industry but also in the American Music Market. I wish more of my people here would think the same way, and we have a long way to go.
Their success is extraordinary and the group has been on so many tours across the globe. It is so influential that every time the song gets played, I can’t help myself but to dance to the moves like in the music video.
 In final, I think that both artists have done such a great impact on people’s lives, and I love the way they bring out their music to people. They both have really nice voices and the song right now, its a really amazing upbeat song. Love the beats 🙂

What are you listening to this week? 🙂 Share it with me !

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