Impromptu Stay-overs : Life Lesson

The past few days has been very impromptu but it wasn’t just that I went through. There was something that I’ve learned from these few events.

Let’s just say, 

I’m not a very on to go for impromptu stay-overs, especially if it takes its course in a few days. I like to be prepared when things happen, and have my stuffs ready, so that i feel comfortable. The point where i don’t feel comfortable is when I’m not prepared, because that is the point of time where I feel like i don’t have what it takes to go on, or socially conscious about myself and what i need.

A few stay-over i had,

  1. Stayover at friend’s place on Monday
  2. Stayover at parents place on Tuesday
  3. Stayover at Chalet on Wednesday

I went on a light backpack with an extra pair of shirt,short and boxer for Stayover 1 *driving parents car because it was supposed to be a midnight movie meetup and back in the morning, back home. Instead, i stayed over all the way till next evening at my friend’s place using that extra pair of clothes, and slept at my Mum’s place, with the same clothes i have. i went out with Mum to run some impromptu errands, the next morning on Tuesday.

I just had to go back home to my place after because it was already felt uncomfortable with my previous day’s clothes. Plus I had a chalet to catch up to on Wednesday so i needed to get my things.

Chalet itself was a blast, but the event of having to again stay-over at places, just made me miss being back home in my own bed, the same environment I’m used to, along with listening to Grandma’s voice at home cooking.

Having the drive back early morning back to my parents place again to send the car after the chalet, sleep and then an impromptu drive again to fetch my sis and go for dinner today, before really going back home again to my place just made me feel out-of-place, but at the same time it hold me back, and just put me to the point where i don’t really care about these small insecurities anymore.

Throughout the few events all coming together, I’ve developed this feeling of having to get accustomed to what life brings to you, not to feel so bad when something impromptu happens, and just have the’ just go with it’ mentality . I was in previous clothes, it would have been really uncomfortable wearing it but somewhere inside me, it also felt like an achievement. I have to learn to control the worries of not having to be prepared.

I think it’s a good thing to be prepared, but it’s also good experience to know what to do and react when impromptu things happen, and how to overcome them, and I think that’s another step to being a better person in life.


1 thought on “Impromptu Stay-overs : Life Lesson

  1. This is really interesting. I had a similar experience when I was travelling – I had to accept the unexpected. Often an impromptu night out would happen and I’d be wearing hiking gear. Or I’d miss a bus and have to find a place to stay without using the internet (gasp!). Probably the biggest lesson I learned was in SE Asia when after a week of stressing I just accepted that for the next 3 months my hands and feet were not going to be clean – I was wearing flip flops on dusty streets & no bathrooms had soap. Like you, I feel like I grew as a person during these experiences – I survived out of my comfort zone & surprised even myself!

    Although I will admit now I’m home I wash my feet after flip flops and I’ll bet you felt good getting into a clean change of clothes. We might have grown as people but we’re not going to CHOOSE to be gross ha ha.

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