A new experience ; Movie Meetup ‘Premium Rush’

A step into a different kind of journey. Learning through experience, allowing and accepting that in this world, we shouldn’t refrain ourselves from not going out, catch a movie, play badminton when we are not with our usual bunch of friends and in this aspect, i feel that I’ve allow myself to meet up with people of different ages.

Recently, I’ve went on a really ‘out of my usual routine’ movie meetup. I knew roughly what I’m about to face, randomly meeting up strangers for the first time, not knowing each other.

An organizer named Owen, had a movie gathering over at Meetup.com and was organizing the show ‘Premium Rush’ over at Cinileisure

Premium Rush is quite an interesting show I must say.  I’ve heard friends talking about the ‘fixie bikes’ which is going so quite popular these days, and I wasn’t too sure about whether this show has got to do with the that kind of bikes, but it sure do  talk about the exhilarating and thrilling bike messengers who loves speeding on their bikes. If you like bikes with no brake and a sweaty’ pumping action/romance , then you would like the movie. Check out the IMDB review here.

Enough of that, lets go back to the story, and so there i was, outside of Cinileisure, thinking  faster than the speed of light, whether what i did was really what I wanted to do and after a final thought, yes I’m going for it.

Called up Owen, and met up with a few people in the group for the first time in my whole life, and turns out! , it was actually the first meetup session for the group. That made me felt a little relieved since everyone was also meeting up for the first time. In my mind, i would have positioned myself to be somewhere at the back of the group, not knowing anyone, cause everyone else has already knew each other.

I was surrounded with a bunch of really lovely people from different backgrounds and occupations, most of them being adults and already working, I was however the only one still studying but yet still it didn’t make me feel left out. Upon dinner, we went for Coffee Club to sit and chill.

Being surrounded with a group of adults, allows me to understand that in the working environment, there are people who have such short times of breaks, and in times like this, we are not always with our old friends, everyone is busy with something. Learning to join social meetup groups like this allows us to make time for after work activities and knowing people with the same interest.Learning to socialize with new people is also a good form of communication. Having someone to join with me and the group for dinner after the movie, i guess we all have something to talk about and so engrossed in knowing more about each other. I’ve also received advice from the lovely group who have more experience than I do, and to indulge myself into these areas allows me to understand new things in life.

If there was something i learned about the meetup, was not to limit oneself. Not to limit myself to the same people I always hang out with, school mates. I’ve learn to understand how to make new friends and also not give myself an excuse for missing a show or a Saturday off. I have to do something about it, and allow myself to make new friends.

🙂 To more meetups.

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